December 23, 2017

Pregnancy 2 - Weekly Update: 32

How far along? 32 weeks (Dec 16-22nd) - My belly was measuring the size of a 39 week singleton pregnancy on Tuesday.  

How much weight have you gained?  36ish lb - babies should be putting on 1/2 lb per week each!
Any cravings? Just so thirsty all the time! And maybe a little bit of citrus... Grapefruits and halos have been on the snack list this week. 

What are you wearing? Not much. The same couple things are in rotation now. The looser the better! My leggings are getting stretched out and I think I'm ruining all my shirts because my belly is always oiled up like a greased pig. 

How are you feeling? Symptoms?  Week 32 has been pretty good to me. I'm tired and slow to get around, but overall have been feeling a little bit better than other weeks. It's actually concerning when that happens... 

I have had some acid reflux/indigestion (what's the difference?), which is pretty normal at this stage of pregnancy.  

Stretch marks? Still only the 1 that I can see. It's grown a little. My skin feels soooo tight, I'm guessing there are more to come. I also heard about "twin skin" recently, and though I did see one picture along with the description I have refrained from doing a google image search, which would only depress me I'm sure. 

Belly button in or out? Out and a little sore at this point. 

Sleep? Pretty good this week! 

Best moment this week:  We've been soaking in the holiday spirit. We drove through a beautiful luminary lined neighborhood over the weekend. We've indulged in hot chocolate and baked goods from our neighbors. Had a movie night with popcorn and all! Basically, we've finally been able to slow down in the evenings a little bit.  

Worst moment this week:  Our doctor told us that baby B is in one of the least favorable positions (transverse) for a vaginal birth. She recently had to do a vaginal birth c-section combo (only her 2nd in about 10 years) for a mom who had babies in a similar position, so I think she's a little gun shy. Her recommendation at this point is to schedule a c-section at 38 weeks. Which we did. Just to hold the spot we want if we need it - but we can always cancel it. But she said the choice was ultimately ours if we want to try vaginally. And of course things can change up until due day depending on how the babies move. There's not a ton of room in there, but I'm hoping for the best case scenario of 2 vertex babies by the end. 

Despite the bad news, I liked our doctor a more this appointment than I have in the past. It was more of a conversation and wasn't her just telling us her plan. I've always LIKED her... But everyone else I talk to LOOOOOVES her. Someone even recently told me that she walks on water!

We've been taking our c-section research more seriously since that appointment, and every time I read about them I start weeping. Parts of them sound so scary! Especially the part where I don't have anyone (Tyler) with me while getting prepped and numbed. 

Also, on Wednesday we woke up to the door frame into our laundry room dripping water... I was worried it was a sign that MY water would be breaking soon too. Luckily that hasn't happened. The leak was fixed later that day as well. Our doctor is off until January 8th, so no babies before then!!!

Miss anything? Snow! We moved to a "snowy" place, but it wasn't until this week on the first day of Winter than we got our first DUSTING. And there's very little if any other moisture in the forecast. 

Movement? Lots of movement the past few days. Sunday and Monday seemed to be slow days for the girls, and I was almost worried, but when I layed down to really concentrate on their movements there were plenty. Just not as much rollicking as normal. They've since resumed their normal activity - which I must admit is becoming occasionally painful!

Excited for anything? Christmas!! Need I say more?

How’s dad-to-be? "Eating way too much sugar," he says. Also excited for these babies. And probably excited for me to stop pestering him to do things for me.

How's sister-to-be? Becoming more independent! Which is something we're actively working on. We've been trying to encourage her to try to get dressed by herself and put on her socks and shoes. Two things that will be super helpful once we have two more incompetent humans to care for. She's able to do her underwear and pants most of the time, but her big ol' noggin makes shirts pretty challenging. She has been very helpful in other ways too... She puts her dirty clothes in the hamper and cleans up her dinner plate. This week she's also mastered all the door nobs in our house,  so that's a new interesting twist!


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