December 3, 2017

Pregnancy 2 - Weekly Update: 29

{  A day late taking this photo, so I'm technically first da of week 30 here. And this beautiful adventure will be relayed in the 30 week post.  } 

How far along? 29 weeks 

How much weight have you gained?  Around 28 lbs I think!!
Any cravings? I would like pickles, cream cheese and salami rolls. Something my family has served frequently at holiday get togethers for a long time. 

What are you wearing? PJs as much as possible. 

How are you feeling? Symptoms? Emotional. Uncomfortable. I think I have SPD. Sitting for long periods has become a little painful. I just want to lay on my side like a whale all the time. It's crazy how much a weeks difference can be, and now that the babies are supposed to be gaining about a half pound per week, I think I'll be in a downward spiral of uncomfortable the rest of this pregnancy. Also, I've been pretty good about not complaining too much up until this week. Tyler has had to hear aaaaaall about my aches and woes this week.

Stretch marks? Still can't tell, but maybe.  

Belly button in or out? Out. 

Sleep? I've actually been sleeping a little better this week. I've been waking up at least once a night still, but I've been able to fall back to sleep pretty quickly. 

Best moment this week:  Monday we spent in Phoenix, got to see one of Tyler's highschool friends, and spent most of the day going to the baby stores.  Even though it was exhausting, everything seemed to go our way that day. We finally got to test out all the strollers we'd been eyeing and picked one out to order (that wasn't the most expensive one, yay!). We got a few more essentials and made an Ikea run (Hazel peed in the Ikea play place and picking her up was funny because they were treating her like she was radioactive or something). I'm feeling pretty prepared now as long as our car seat test goes well and the ones we decided to use actually fit!

Also, Friday we had our company holiday party which was fun. Yummy food (like a second Thanksgiving) and Hazel got to see Santa! 

Worst moment this week:  Oh man, it was rough. I cried a lot this week. Like Tuesday I cried pretty much all day and I don't even know why. Getting home after over-doing it on vacation, an uncomfortable road trip, and extreme shopping excursion and trying to jump directly back into the routine might not have been the best decision. There wasn't quite as much crying the rest of the week, but definitely a fair share of it. We also received some heartbreaking news which was definitely a contributor. 

Miss anything?  I feel like I can't do anything. I barely have the energy to complete one house project at a time, like a load of laundry, but there's so much I want to do! I can start a project with gusto, but I'm barely able to finish one. I am constantly having to ask Tyler to move boxes or decorations or baby gear around the house, carry things upstairs, or finish a chore once I just can't be on my feet anymore. I feel like I'm constantly pestering him to do things and I'm no help.

Movement? Lots of slow sweeping movements. Not as many sharp pokes and kicks. I think they are practicing some interpretive dancing in there. It's mostly felt like they are still both head up (There's been a head just left of my belly button for like 2 weeks now), but I'm hoping some of these sweeping feelings are them trying to turn. 

Excited for anything? Holiday cheer! Lights are going up all over the neighborhood and town and Hazel is having so much fun already. We will be getting our tree and decorations up this weekend. Now we just need some snow!

How’s dad-to-be? Getting sick again! He caught Hazel's cold before our Thanksgiving trip and was just getting better, but now he's coming down with something else. On top of getting back to work, listening to me complain, and picking up all my slack - He's a saint!

How's sister-to-be? So excited for Christmas! And so conversational. She's such a big kid now. 


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