February 3, 2017

Hazeldotes 3-7

3. This story hails back to Christmas morning... Hazel was opening presents and got a new baby doll. She immediately started playing with it, hugging it, patting it on the back, and then..... "UHER" she made it burp!

4. She also got a new tea set. We soon were having coffee parties (because that is what we drink in this house and she was more familiar with it than tea). But regular tea/coffee pouring became trite. Soon we developed a new old fashioned party... One of us asks, "What kind of tea party is this?" and we all turn our cups over and yell, "BOSTOOON!" It's fun. Now just waiting for it to happen with real liquid.

5. Hazel had a piece of chocolate in her hair one day, and I pulled it out and before I knew it I ate it! Instinctual parenting? Maybe? That's what I tell myself to feel better.

6. We started teaching Hazel how to do a thumbs up, but her attempts are more of a mangled two handed knot.

7. Our car was in the shop the other day and wasn't done in time to pick Hazel up from daycare. We had to put her seat in Tyler's big Jeep which we've never done before. We both went to pick her up from daycare so somebody could sit in the Jeep while the other went in (battery dies frequently). When I walked Hazel up to the Jeep she covered her ears and said "Loud!" and then started chanting, "No jeep! No jeep! No jeep!" while crying as we ushered her into her car seat and buckled her in. In the 3 minutes it took to get home her whole perspective changed and she was asking for "More Jeep!" as we parked in the driveway. Then she clung on for dear life as we tried to take her out, wailing "More Jeep! More Jeep! More Jeep!" We are obviously asshole parents.

7. The other night we were eating dinner and Hazel reached for a jalapeno on Tyler's plate. He told that would be a bad day for her if she ate it. A few seconds pass before she points to it again and says, "Bad Day!" So of course we reinforced it. Jalapenos are now called Bad Days in our house. :)