August 20, 2018

6 Months of Wrennox

Happy Half-Birthday Girls!!

We've all made it 6 months since Wrennox came on the scene. I am writing this really late so I am going to try not to jump ahead. Time has been passing so fast and so slow at the same time. I feel like not much has changed since the last letter I wrote you, but I'm sure in reality a lot has.

I don't think much has changed on the sleeping front for Lennox, but Wren has had a few great nights where she only wakes up once or not at all until 5 or 6 am. I'm hoping the same will start happening soon for Lennox as well.

You've added a few foods to your repertoire. Sweet potatoes was your first as I mentioned before, and then we tried avocado, carrots, and peas. The only ones you really like consistently are the sweet potatoes. The others frequently result in funny faces. And I use the term "like" pretty loosely because you still struggle with eating in general. You are distracted and messy and don't actually consume too much. Lennox hardly opens her mouth to take any bites. It's a sloooow process. Slowly but surely you are improving though!

Both of you have been nursing with better latches than you were a few months ago, but you can be distracted easily now. You're worried about missing out on the fun so sometimes you cut your nursing session a little short. Lennox has been talking up a storm while eating too.

We took a big roatrip to Colorado this month and we were prepared for it to be absolutely awful, but you girls and your big sister did an AMAZING job! I still feel like I might retroactively jinx the trip by talking about how good it went, but I don't think we could have asked for happier traveling buddies.

It has been a fun month with you. Some days you are just so happy and sweet as can be. Other days you're both cranky and never satisfied, but those seem to be getting farther in between.

Hazel  likes to teach you things. She likes to get dressed in front of you so you can see how to put on  a shirt and pants. She will also open wide and take bites of your baby food  hoping you'll do the same. You both love her and could watch her aaaaallll day. If we want you to concentrate on something like eating, you can bet that she is distracting you with her singing, dancing, or playing.

Your sunny disposition days are winning over your dad. He has fun making you smile and I think he enjoys his weekend mornings with you before I wake up.



You weighed in at 12 poiunds, 10.5 ounces and are 26.75 inches tall.

You have really become a momma's girl this month. You have started realizing when I walk away. You can be perfectly happy playing and then I will briefly come into sight and back out and you will be so mad about it. This is a normal sensory development at this age showing that you're right on track. You are so contemplative and cerebral. I love watching you study new things. You've started rejecting your binky at night, especially if it's me who is trying to give it to you. Your cheeks have been filling in and I just love to give them raspberries.



You weighed in at 13 pounds 15.5 ounces and are 27 inches tall.

You never seem to be satisfied with your level of physical development. You are always striving for the next milestone. Whether it's doing crunches trying to sit up or drooling over foods that are not mush. You just want bigger and better things always. You love jumping in the rain forest jumper and sticking the binky in your mouth. You are very precise when you stick your binky in your mouth and frequently hover your hand over it almost as if you're waiting to save it from falling out. Sometimes you spin it in your mouth too. You have been fighting nighttime sleep and would love to stay up with us and watch TV every night even though you're soooo tired.

This month we dressed you up in costumes for a Harry Potter scavenger hunt. You were both adorable and a big hit with the people at the party. Strangers were taking photos of you!


I am sorry I'm late writing this post, and that it seems to be a trend. I'm so late that I'm already excited to write your next letter because I know some exciting milestones are coming up! This is a fun age with you girls and I'm trying to keep files in my brain of all your mannerisms, expressions, and sounds. My favorite is to watch you interact with each other, and I know that is going to continue to be one of the greatest joys to see.

Love you halflings,


I know your dad has some adorable pictures of you this month too that I will have to add later.