September 16, 2015

6 Months of Hazel

My dear Hazel,

It's your half birthday! Half a year! Wow.

You are snoozing as I write this, as you've had a busy, exiting day. You got to wake up early and have your 6 month photo shoot, then it was off to school to hang out with your friends. When I visited you at lunch you were in one of the stand-up bouncer toys having a blast with the toys surrounding you. There was a clear spinning container with little balls in it that you thought was awesome. You were just spinning, spinning, spinning it. Then this evening we had a family dinner and you got to eat your very first solid food. Sweet potatoes! I think you liked it. You made a mess, but I think you did pretty good for your first time!

I cannot believe it has been half a year since you were born. I say it every month, but time just seems to run away from us, and you grow leaps and bounds in every way from month to month, even day to day.

In all the fun we had today, I forgot to take your measurements so I'll have to add your height and weight into this letter tomorrow (weight 6lb 1oz - height 28" - head 17.75"). It's definitely not worth waking a sleeping baby over.

But I can tell you that your clothes situation is a little wacky. You are wearing everything from 3 month to 12 month. I forget what tag I looked at the other day, maybe on one of your sleepers, but I'm pretty sure it said up to 8 pounds... and somehow it's still been in rotation even though your about double that.

Your sleep is still averaging two wake-ups a night to eat and then straight back to sleep. HOWEVER... this month had some pretty low sleep nights. You were sick for most of the month, you poor thing, even having your first trip to the ER. As soon as I thought you were better you'd get new symptoms again. It was because you weren't feeling good that one night you just screamed every time we tried to put you to sleep, which means we stayed up most of the night (while our frat house neighbors had a party).

I would say your favorite foods would have to be milk and sweet potatoes... since that's all you've ever eaten! ;) And that's a good thing since I have about 40 servings in the fridge/freezer for you. I think we're all going to have a blast introducing new foods into your diet,

You have gotten much better at adding consonants into your baby babble. You're still not saying anything consistently but there are all kinds of new noises out of your mouth. About a week and a half ago, on a weekend, I got woken up by your dad calling to me from the nursery... "Pookie!? (Yes, that is the cheesy name frequently uttered around our house) She might have just said her first words... but I'm not sure." He was changing your diaper in the other room. I groggily asked what he was hollering about and he said, "I might have just been hallucinating." I asked what she said and he said, "Well now I don't want to repeat it... it was using the Lord's name in vain... I think she said 'God Dammit!'.... the reason I'm unsure is because it was under her breath, but it was just so clear." He was quite stunned. I'm hoping that wasn't your true first words, but it was pretty funny.  I think "dada" is more likely to be the first. I think you're getting close!

You love to ride your horsey (aka my bouncing leg). You are starting to get even more interested in the books we read to you and the songs we sing. Really you are interested in everything. You have reached a new level of alertness and so much of what you do is more intentional than it was before. I think it's funny when we wake you up in the morning, even if you are groggy and not quite awake, if we show you yourself in a mirror you immediately smile at the cute baby looking back at you.

Your relationship with Norbert has blossomed this month. You get so excited to see him, giant smiles, flailing legs, and all! You like to try to pet him every chance you get. Although usually you end us pulling a fist of his hair, sometimes even his poor eyebrows!

Your hair is growing again! The bald patch on the back of your head is all fuzzy now with little blonde hairs coming in.

You are now sitting like a boss. You had been close for a while, sitting for a few seconds at a time. We practiced everyday and you would sit for longer and longer each time. Now you can go really long stretches (as long as you don't get too excited) without falling over. You still topple sometimes, but you are getting pretty stable. You also like to stand up with our help and wiggle around.

Another one of your cute antics is trying to eat and drink like mom and dad. You reach out in the mornings like "Give me your coffee cup!" and if we put it within your grasp, you'll put your mouth on it just like your drinking. We don't tip it, so you can't actually get any liquid, but that doesn't seem to bother you.

Your dad and I both had "proud" parenting moments of letting you hit your head on things this month. Toughening up the noggin. Dad had you on the couch and you bonked your head on the hard part of the arm, and I was sitting with you on the nursery rug, but accidentally let you go over sideways and hit your forehead on the hardwood floor. You were pretty unhappy both times, but don't worry neither were hard enough to cause any damage.  No bruises even!. Quite a few tears were shed, but it's part of the process of growing up and becoming more independent. It won't be the last time you bonk your head, although we'll still try to prevent it when we can.  We DID both prevent your attempt to jump off the rocking chair while I was taking your photos earlier. So begins the era of parents vs. baby-loving-to-do-everything-that-is-dangerous.

This half a year has gone by too quickly, but it has been so enjoyable. We can't wait to see what you do next!

Loving you like crazy,

{  Tyler was incentivizing forward movement  }

{  This was a good day. We took a LOT of pictures  }

{  Pink eye strikes - first prescription  }

{  More "driving" lessons with dad  }

{  first balloon festival and meeting auntie Alesha  }

{  Fever baby getting comforting snuggles from dad  }
{  ER  :(  }
{  New favorite sleeping position - so cute! }

{  Birthday party!!  }

{  Shoes? What are these shoes?  }
{  Helping Mimi at the craft fair  }