October 22, 2014


We just got back from a trip to Seattle and have settled into our normal workweeks, so I like to keep thinking back to the good time we had over the weekend!

It was business for Tyler, pleasure for me. It worked out well since I could get my pregnant resting out of the way while he was in sessions, and then have enough some energy for a few touristy things later. We weren't alone either, we got to spend time with Tyler's mom and dad on the trip too!

I had only been in Seattle once a few years ago, and it was by accident. I was stuck there for a night after the taking a bus from Bellingham, WA (because the airport I was flying through closed down because of a "giant" snow storm) and I spent WAY too much time in the airport trying to get home. So I don't count this experience as really "being in Seattle."

This was my first OFFICIAL trip to Seattle. Because of time and energy restraints, we didn't go overboard on the touristy side of things, but we really enjoyed the things that we did see! And of course, the food that we ate! It was fall there and the many trees on our street were turning colors. The weather was a bit drizzly most of the time, which is what we expected of Seattle. I think I'd be pretty disappointed if it wasn't! But we also had one full day of beautiful sunshine to enjoy too.

We visited Pike's Place Market (multiple times actually).

Yes, we saw them throw the fish, AND we got to see them drop one... luckily it didn't hit anyone (though it came close) because they throw those suckers HARD! The market was pretty with all the colorful produce, and the cheap flower stands. I would have fresh flowers in the house all the time if I could go to that market on a regular basis! I also loved wandering down Post Alley too, with the cute shops and eateries. We found a great little kid/baby store that we wandered around for a long time picturing our little one in all the cute clothes.

Then we also saw the gum wall... yikes! And yes, I've started showing off my belly in  most photos. otherwise you can't even see it's there.

One of my favorite places was the Chihuly glass museum. We attended a dinner there, and got to first go through the exhibit, and it was beautiful. Totally whimsical and fascinating too! I loved the garden portion that made you feel as if you were in Wonderland or maybe a Dr. Seuss book.

We did not go up in the Spaceneedle, but being right under it was fun too. To get a good view of the city, Cindy and I went on the ferris wheel down on one of the piers. It was one of the dreary days so we couldn't see the surrounding mountains, but the view of the sound and the city were nice. 

{  Yum! City art  }

On our last day in town, Tyler and I decided to take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island for dinner, and we fell in love! We walked into a quaint little town right off the ferry, where we saw a giant pumpkin, lots of little shops, and had a wonderful dinner. We stopped at every real estate window (which is not uncommon for us no matter where we are) and looked at the amazing places available on the island. I've been Zillowing some amazing places as well. We didn't take Then on the way back we got to see the twinkling city skyline. Yay, Seattle! I would love to go back again!

And since I was SOOO bad at blogging last year.... I'm going to throw in a few pictures from the same time last year when the conference was held in Palm Beach, Florida:


October 5, 2014

Wee bit of pre-baby nesting

We have had a productive weekend. The first weekend in October is always a good one in my book, because it contains some of my favorite fall celebrations, the Scarecrow Jamboree and the Chili Cook-Off!

The jamboree's heyday has sadly passed, as it wasn't even held last year, and this year's celebration was definitely lacking the charm it used to hold. No chili competition, no scarecrow competition, no pumpkin bread, and no square dancing. Plus it was in a new location which just didn't compare. Bthhhhh! But we still went and showed our support and bought some scarecrow materials, although we decided to take them and build our scarecrow later.

{  Bessie, the best (and only) scarecrow on the block. And a baby bump.  }

The chili cook-off, however, didn't disappoint this hungry preggo-saurus (other than their lack of tasty white chili). Lots and lots of chili samples to be had!

Among the fun we had we also did some shopping and bought some things for the house that we've been wanting but have been putting off. This little one has been putting us into a higher gear for getting the house together. Over the past couple weeks we've painted our carport and our big front window (which desperately needed it), as well as attempting to become more organized (although I don't think it's working.)

Tyler installed a new light over our kitchen sink to go with our new kitchen window, and I almost have a new paint color picked out for the kitchen... maybe...
Yellow paint
 Lemon Souffle - Behr  }
We have been keeping an eye out for a buffet to go in our dining room for some additional storage for kitchen-y things that our normal cabinets cannot hold. Tyler spotted this pretty piece in the window of a shop, so we pulled in, took some measurements to make sure it was a good size, and viola we have a new buffet! I love it!!

I have been searching for discount rugs for YEARS. Literally (not the new definition, either). But I never actually bite the bullet and buy one. We changed that this weekend when I found a great deal at Ross that was the perfect color blue for our living room and was cheap enough that if Norbert ends up ruining it (always a possibility) it will most likely have been worth it for the time it lasts.

We have been living in this house curtain-less for a year. Which is fine. For the most part people can't see into our windows very well (at least that's what we like to believe), and we love looking out our windows. But this winter we will be sleeping in the master bedroom, whereas last winter we were in the guest bedroom. The main need for curtains is not because of our neighbors being able to see in better, although that is probably true, but their backyard flood light that they keep on all. the. time. It drives Tyler nuts during the winter when there are no leaves on the trees in our woods to block it from coming in our windows. With the positioning of our bed, window, and the light this winter it will be shining right in our faces. With fall upon us the leaves will soon be dropping, and for my husband's sanity it's time for curtains. So we bought a rod and are testing out some curtains, although I don't think these are going to make the cut. 

Tomorrow we go in for our second ultra-sound, and as long as baby cooperates, we will find out whether we are having a boy or girl! Then we'll be able to start preparing for baby and getting a nursery put together!
Boy or girl, right now I am leaning toward painting the nursery a navy blue or navy-blueish grey... is that crazy? I usually start out with a rich, bold color in mind, and always wimp out and go with pale colors instead.
{  Velvet Evening - Behr  }
As you can see from the pictures, we already added a lot of blue to our house this weekend, and I'm wondering if maybe it's a sign that a little boy is on the way? I really don't have a gut feeling that it's one or the other... I will just have to wait and see... less than 24 hrs!! eek!

P.S. On Friday night, we think we felt baby kick for the first time!!