November 4, 2017

Pregnancy 2 - Weekly Update: 25

How far along? 25 weeks

How much weight have you gained?  20 lbs  
Any cravings? No specific cravings, but I've been eating a lot of cheese trying to up my protein and calorie intake. No complaints about that. I love cheese. 

What are you wearing? It's getting colder and I'm growing out of my jackets and coats. Maternity coat will be all that fits pretty soon. 

How are you feeling? Symptoms? Still sore. 

Stretch marks? Nope. 

Belly button in or out? Out.

Sleep? Still waking up for a little while in the middle of most nights. 

Best moment this week: It's been great having family here and I've been getting to nap ever day that I'm not working. It's been pretty nice! :) 

Worst moment this week:  Wednesday our family car battery died and needed to be replaced. It turned into a big, all day ordeal with Hazel and I wandering around town for waaay too long, waiting for our ride to be fixed. Tired pregnant lady +  a toddler past nap time = Ugh!

Miss anything? The ability to roll over WHILE sleeping. It's starting to get hard to move. Rolling over is a task I must be awake for now. 

Movement? They've been pretty nocturnal the past few nights. Lots of nighttime rollicking in there. 

Excited for anything? I started a group to connect with other parents of multiples, and one of the mommas just had her twins last week. The pictures are so sweet and make me excited!

How’s dad-to-be? He's going along steady. Trying not to baby me too much I think, but also trying to make sure I eat a lot.

How's sister-to-be? She's sweet and sour, as any two year old can be. She's been calling herself Baby Hazel a lot, and reassuring us that she's still a baby (even though she's also big). She's been clinging onto her babyhood since finding out her baby sisters were on the way. 


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