November 4, 2017

Hazeldotes 8-10

8. She always looks for Momma, Daddy, and Hazel versions of everything. It works really well if there's 3 of something, but even if we find one lizard she'll ask, "But where's his Hazel?"

9. "Activities!" Hazel says it daily, imitating her school teachers when they explain the different activity stations for the day. She'll tell us a bunch of options, which frequently turn into gibberish and we're not supposed to start until she says, "Okie-pokie!"

10. She's been picking up some phrases that we're not huge fans of. "What the Heck?!" she'll say when she's worked up and trying to be funny because the first time it happened nobody could contain their laughter, so now she thinks she's hilarious. Also, "Oh. My. God." is a new one this past week or so that I think she picked up from a friend at school, because she says it like Janice from Friends. Quite dramatic.


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