October 29, 2017

Pregnancy 2 - Weekly Update: 24

{  Ooops, super blurry  }

How far along? 24 Weeks

How much weight have you gained?  19ish lbs  
Any cravings? Nothing specific this week, but all the Halloween candy coming our way is pretty irresistible. 

What are you wearing? The most comfortable things I own are my swing dresses from Old Navy (not even maternity) + leggings. I might have to try to get more, because they might be the only things I'll be able to wear up until the end of this pregnancy. 

How are you feeling? Symptoms? A little sore and swollen, but not too bad. 

Stretch marks? Not yet. 

Belly button in or out? Out.

Sleep? So I got the pillow. I hated it the first night so much that I threw it out of bed, which was quite a feat because it is MASSIVE (it is one of the U shaped ones, not the C shape). Trying to use it like all the comfy looking people in the picture just didn't work for me. It was too short for me, and made my neck very uncomfortable. However, after some more trial and error I've found a way to sleep kindof on top of it that has been working. I've been getting some GREAT naps, but I frequently wake up at 4:45am and have trouble getting back to sleep. 

Best moment this week: I'm not sure, there's been a lot of good this week! My parents are in town and Tyler's parents also visited. We had a good doc appointment, and found that everything was looking really good. We did some fall festivities. It's been so nice!

Worst moment this week:  I was really excited for our doctor appointment this week, but when we got there we were told the doctor was out doing a c-section and they forgot to schedule the ultrasound that we were supposed to have. :( So I spent a few minutes being really disappointed. It all ended up working out though, because they were able to squeeze us in for a super quick ultrasound, and then we didn't have much of a wait before the doctor was able to make it back. 

Miss anything? Comfy clothes. It's hard, guys.

Movement? We had an ultrasound and got to see where the babies were positioned again, so I think I have a pretty good idea which kicks are whose. Tyler got to see some big tummy poppin' kicks this week too!

Excited for anything? Halloween this week! I think I'm just going to go with my stand-by pregnancy costume: Juno. 

How’s dad-to-be? Good. He hasn't even complained about the monstrosity of a pillow that now sleeps with us. 

How's sister-to-be? She still hasn't gotten to feel the babies move because she's too impatient, but she talks about them sometimes and refers to them individually as Baby A and Baby B. 


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