January 27, 2015

Weekly Update: Week 34

How far along? 34 weeks

How much weight have you gained? 27 lbs.

Any cravings? I've still been eating a lot of ice (training for the delivery room!). 

What are you wearing? Same as the weeks before.

How are you feeling? Symptoms? Some more aches/pains/discomforts have started. I've been getting upper back pain this week, especially after sitting all day.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Belly button in or out? We discovered a new trick that my belly button can do. I've said before that in or out depends on my position. Generally, when I'm laying down it's in, but we were laying in bed the other night when I had to cough... then this happened...

I told you it was weird.

Sleep? Going downhill.

Best moment this week: I think that bellybutton moment might take the cake :) We had quite a few exciting moments though. We got a cloth diapering lesson and bought a few cloth diapers to test out. We got our car seat/stroller gifted to us, and will be putting it together shortly! We also contacted some potential doulas as well as turned in our deposit to hold little lady's daycare spot. 

Worst moment this week: This was part of our baby shower invitation:

So we got some really great books given to us at the shower. Which is totally awesome even though I'm writing this under the worst moment of the week. You see, this story is really just the "most pregnant" moment of the week...

So we have all these great books, and we've started reading them out loud to my belly. The other night I chose to read The Giving Tree. I've always loved this book, even though it's pretty sad. So Tyler and I snuggle up on the couch and I start reading aloud. I had forgotten just how sad it actually was and I could feel myself getting pretty emotional about it. I got to the part where the tree tells the boy to take her trunk, and I couldn't hold it together anymore. I started crying. I cried for about 10 minutes before I could continue reading. The poor giving tree! 

But that's not where the story ends. The next day at work I was telling my coworker how I started crying while reading the book, and sure enough tears sprung to my eyes right away again just talking about it. 

Still not the end.

That night, I was telling Tyler about crying while telling my coworker about crying while reading the book, and (you guessed it) my eyes started watering AGAIN.

Finally, today when my coworker asked if I had told my husband bout crying again, I had to relay the third round of tears to her. But this time I broke the cycle! The fourth subset of the story was tear free, but we still changed the subject pretty fast, just in case...

And for the record I'm not crying right now either.

Miss anything? Rolling over in bed comfortably. Every time I want to change positions, it's like a big production. I can't just roll in my sleep. I pretty much have to be uncomfortable enough to wake up and consciously and slowly move onto my other side.

Movement? Hiccups galore. I've started texting Tyler every time she gets hiccups so he can see how many times she actually gets them. It's a lot! 

Excited for anything? Everything! I'm feeling more and more prepared for this little one's appearance and I'm enjoying this "calm" before the storm of her arrival.

How’s dad-to-be? I think things are getting more real for him, and he's starting to see the pregnancy effect me more (I've really stayed pretty normal thus far) both physically and emotionally. So he's been getting as ready as he can to help me out more when I need it. He also finally got his flu shot and his Tdap vaccine to help keep our babe healthy when she arrives!

{  Looking pretty badass taking a selfie with his double Walgreens bandaided arms  }

4/6/16 UPDATE: Just for the record... I'm going back through the blog doing some maintenance on accidentally deleted photos, and I re-read this post and sure enough... I started crying reading about crying about the Giving Tree. The cycle continues...


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