January 7, 2015

Weekly Update: Week 31

{  This is real life, yo!  }
How far along? 31 weeks (although I'm posting this a day late so technically today is the first day of my 32nd week, but I'm always reflecting back on the week anyway so this still works!)

How much weight have you gained? 23 pounds

Any cravings? Nothing too strong this week. Although, I've pretty much wanted to be eating straight sugar. Gumball machines have been looking heavenly. We were out eating pizza on Friday, and I suddenly stopped when I overheard part of the conversation coming from the table next to us. What I heard was this: "We went to the one in Collinsville, and when he saw the cotton candy on the dessert bar his eyes got so big!" But where did they go? Any place that has cotton candy served on a dessert bar sounded like exactly the place I wanted to be. But alas, they did not say the name of the restaurant again. I was very close to interjecting and asking what magical place they were speaking of, but I refrained. The next morning though, I was still thinking about it and before I even got out of bed I started asking Google what this place might be. Finally, I found it, but was a little disappointing when I found out it was Golden Corral... I've never been there, but I haven't heard stellar reviews. So I haven't had gumballs or cotton candy this week, but both still sound pretty amazing!

What are you wearing? The first part was great because I really didn't care what I was wearing while on break. But Monday I had to go back to work, so no more staying in with leggings and pj's. It's back to funny fitting business casual.

How are you feeling? Symptoms? I get a little winded and tired now. Especially when I'm trying to quickly walk through the cold from my car into work then climb to the third floor of my building, but it is good exercise! It has also been a little rough going back to being at my desk all day, sitting for long periods makes my ribs feel squished. But my only complaints are slight discomforts, so overall I'm still feeling pretty good.

Stretch marks? Still holding out.

Belly button in or out? Ever so slowly, more of it is popping. It's really weird to see it pop out if she kicks me just in that right spot though!

Sleep? Not so great, but not terrible.

Best moment this week: Spending some quality time with Tyler. We made a lot of progress with baby related things, like the nursery and touring daycares, but we also spent some time together that wasn't focused on the imminent arrival of our offspring. It was pretty refreshing!!

Worst moment this week: Norbert and I have been fighting. He is already a little jealous of the baby and the attention that he is not receiving. The pregnancy has cut down on the frequency of our walks, so he has not been getting the exercise he deserves and now he has to get used to us being gone for work again. In protest he has been a naughty fluff dragon. He's started eating his bed, getting into our trash and recycling, and yesterday he took the bananas off of our kitchen counter!!!! He has NEVER gotten on our counter before. And of course with all the inedible things he's been trying to eat, it's made him sick at least one night. He gave us some practice at waking up at random intervals throughout the night to take care of his sick little self. I'm hoping that we come to a peaceful understanding soon.

Miss anything? Energy.

Movement? I feel a lot of hiccups very low, which means she's still head down (yay!), and she still likes to jab her feet into my right rib cage!

Excited for anything? Excited to finish the dresser. Only two coats left to go! Then we can actually start assembling the nursery.

How’s dad-to-be? I just asked him and he said that he's good and doesn't have any worries. He's currently replacing the tracks on the nursery closet doors so they can function correctly and will no longer fall off!

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