February 2, 2019

9 Months of Wrennox

We're all out of order now, but better something, than nothing, right?

Dear Wren and Lennox,

I love you!

This month we bought a new house and things got pretty crazy!

Wren, you were not a fan of the move at first, and didn't want to let me out of your sight in the new house. Lennox, you just went with the flow.

You will get your own shared room in the new house and that means your dad and I get to sleep in a bed again instead of the couches!! Everybody celebrate!!


{  Lennox was still sleeping in the bassinet, but we finally decided to move her to a crib right before the move.  }

{  Signing house paperwork  }

{  Dad spinning the chair is SO MUCH FUN!  }

{  You are finally getting a room and I decided to make it black and cozy  }


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