February 2, 2019

10 Months of Wrennox

Hi, girls!

It has been a crazy month! We were out of town for three weeks straight.

Before we skipped town, we did go to the pediatrician for your 9 month checkup and I was woried she was going to say you weren't gaining enough weight, but surprisingly she wasn't concerned. You were staying on your growth curves alright. She just called you petite (Wren) an petite-er (Lennox).

Then it was off to Illinois to visit your Mimi and Gaga. You got to ride on your first airplane and you did amazingly well! Aunt Erin was flying with us too, so we had 1 adult per kid which was very handy. You ate a bunch a puffs and stayed pretty content. Lennox, you fell asleep in my arms literally 30 seconds before the wheels touched down in St. Louis.

While in IL, we stayed with your Mimi and Gaga, celebrated my BFF Becky and Rob's wedding, and you got to meet a lot more of my side of the family for the first time. It was cold, and we stayed in quite a bit, but we did get to go around and see our old houses and we took you for a short hike in my old woods. It was very cold that day and your dad was cranky so we didn't stay long.

Then it was unfortunate that we all came down with a super quick flu. Wren got it first, but she only got sick once right after eating so we weren't sure what was going on. The next night, Lennox threw up in bed and then again ALLLLL over momma. Your dad got it the next day, and Hazel and Momma got it the day after that. It wasn't fun, but luckily it got itself over with pretty quickly.

When we flew back to Phoenix the flight was not as great. We ended up being separated a little more than before. Dad, Wren, and Hazel sat together in one row (in a window and middle) and Lennox and I sat together across the way (in a window and middle because I brought on one car seat). Wren was very well behaved, but Lennox was not so happy. There was a lot of screaming and we had to stand at the back of the plane for a while and hang out with the flight attendants until the turbulence got to bad and we were sent back to our seats. But we made it and nobody complained to our faces, so that was good.

Once back in Phoenix we hopped in the car and started our drive straight down to Mexico to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dad's side of the family. You got to meet your new cousin Paxton! This time you actually got to hang out in the sand a little bit too. Wren, you didn't like it too much and wouldn't crawl in it. You didn't mind eating it though! Lennox enjoyed eating it as well, but she had no problem scooting around in it.

Vacation definitely got your sleep schedule out of whack and you regressed a lot, but luckily when you got home you were able to get back on track pretty quickly.

You've been eating lots of purees and lots of finger foods.

We still tandem nurse when we can because it's saving us time and lots of jealousy tears, but since we were in the presence of other people so frequently this month, we did a lot of one on one nursing again. It was a nice little break to be able to have a little individual time with each of you.

Big news in the big sister department.... she can finally tell you apart (probably 85% of the time)! (You know your names now too!) She's taken a trong interest in you since we came back home, and likes to carry you around (a little scary) and sometimes gives you a little too much physical affection (squeezing you way more than you want), but you've been enjoying her attention because you still find her fascinating.



It was a milestone month for you because the first morning in Mexico you figured out how to push yourself up into a sitting position! and then when we got home you started crawling up on your hands and knees. You still scoot sometimes, but pretty soon you're going to be able to catch up with Wren!

You are still the raspberry queeeeen. And now you use them as a form of communication. If someone blows you a raspberry, you'll blow one back. It is lots of fun. You will also sing back to us if we say "aaahhhh..."



You didn't have as many major milestones this month, but I think you got tired of not being included in the raspberry games because on Thanksgiving night you started blowing your first raspberries. You sing "aaaahhhh..." too when we start singing it to you.

Your hair is growing quickly and getting fluffy. You crawl around and pull up on everything. Sometimes you kick it in turbo crawl and you're all a blur of hands and knees GOING. It's super cute.


I just love seeing how you each have your own strengths and you develop different skills at completely different times. You are your own little humans and we absolutely adore you!

Hugs and smooches,

{  I took you to my childhood woods, just like I did with Hazel  }


{  Erin painted the first coat on your nursery!  }



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