April 2, 2018

3 years of Hazel

Dear Hazel,

Three whole years you've made us parents. In the past year you have changed immensely. It is the year you truly changed from a baby to a kid in my eyes.  

You are all of the threes right now... weighing 33 pounds and measuring 3 feet 3 inches tall.  You wear a size 3T or 4T clothing. You're tall and thin, but you still have a giant noggin so you definitely need clothes with a big enough head hole. 

I've been looking back at old videos a lot lately and one year ago you were speaking but not conversational yet. We were getting ready to move and you would say "Zona, cited!" about coming to Arizona. Now you can carry on an entire conversation about Arizona, or space and gravity, or making up your own language, or pretending to be a teacher reading us books, and telling us stories. There's no end to your energy and your talkative streaks. 

Ever since your 2nd birthday you've liked to pretend like it was someone's birthday and sing to them, but this year you refused to let an of us sing to you, silly girl. 

You go through lots of phases of what you like to play with. Some days it's building with your Legos or blocks, other days it's dancing or pretending to do all sorts of gymnastic flips. You went through a phase where you just liked to cut up pieces of paper into tiny pieces and hand them out. There was also a puzzle phase where you got good at puzzles geared toward 6+. You seem very intelligent for your age, but I am pretty biased. 

You're not the pickiest eater, but you do have some strange tastes and your tastes seem to change very frequently. You may like something one day and not like it the next and vice versa. You only like to eat the stems of your broccoli which is very, very odd, but we will happily eat the tops for you. You also love cheese just like your momma. You also love yogurt and fruit and of course your milk too. 

You now sleep in a big girl bed which is a mattress on the floor. Your room is upstairs from ours and you're very good about staying in your room at night. Just recently, you stopped wearing diapers overnight just like a true big kid. 

Your pronunciation isn't perfect yet, and I love the way you say certain words. Penguin is "poinguin" and parachute is "hadachute." You have trouble pronouncing your L's so they come out as Y's like when you say Lennox's name you say "Yennox." Also S's can be tricky. I LOVE when you say "smooch," you'll say, "I just want to give her a mooch!" and drop the S completely.  

You frequently have messy hair and your boots on the wrong feet, but you're becoming so independent, the look is very you. You are such a big sweetie and would say the most motherly things to me while I was pregnant. Things like, "It's okay, Momma. I'll take care of you." or "I'll help you." I would wish you, "Have a good day at school!" and you'd say, "Have a good day staying home!" because you knew I'd probably be on the couch all day. You would also tell me my stomach looked like a watermelon. Now that they've arrived, you are so sweet to your baby sisters. We were very worried what bringing them into our family would do to your daily life  but you have fully embraced them, and they are so lucky to have a big sister like you. 

You love learning at school and playing with your friends. You like to pretend to be your teachers, Ms. Erin and Ms. Roxy when you play at home. We love hearing about what you did at school and what you learned even though your answers are not always a reliable representation of reality. Your school spent a week themed on penguins. You told us over dinner that penguins don't have knees. I think it was from a song you learned. Your dad looked it up and found out that penguins DO in fact have knees, they are just concealed under their blubber. He showed you a picture of their skeleton, and has been trying to convince you to go back to school and challenge your teachers on it. But so far you haven't done it. Instead you sometimes challenge your dad saying, "See, poinguins waddle. They DON'T have knees!" He retaliates with, "Can you waddle? - Yes - Do you have knees?" It's really entertaining to watch you two go back and forth about it. 

We love you so much. Beyond words. But you have definitely been challenging this year. You are going through toddlerhood; figuring out the world. So you've started to get some attitude and test your boundaries which includes not listening, throwing tantrums, and even occasionally taking a swipe at me when you're feeling totally frustrated. It's been hard teaching you what is appropriate and not, and coming up with the parenting style for you. We try to implement natural consequences. Sometimes we used timeouts, and sometimes we have to take toys away as consequences for your actions. However, overall you are such a great kid..

You are precocious, funny, and you say the greatest things that keep me and your dad constantly giggling and amazed. We are so thankful for you, and love you so much, kid!

love love love,

And now a trip through Hazel's 3rd year,,,


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