April 8, 2018

2 Months of Wrennox


Hi girls, 

You're 2 months old and time has been flying by. Life with you is a little busy. You are both growing and filling out.  When you were born, your dad kept saying "They don't have butts!" And he was right; you really didn't have any butt cheeks to speak of, but now your butts are filling out and you're both into size 1 diapers.

You are both still exclusively breastfeeding and are doing well. Lennox sometimes get frustrated before latching and I have to calm you before you can successfully start to eat. We have your 2 month appointment soon and hopefully the doctor will be happy with your weight gain.

You have gone through your first mental leap and you're starting to take in more about the world around you, but most exciting you're giving us smiles now. As I write this, you're both wide awake and looking around.  You don't try to talk too much but you both occasionally let out contented coos and they're such sweet sounds.

You two don't sleep enough. You have started sleeping for a longer period at the beginning of the night, but I think the longest I've been able to sleep since you were born has been about four and a half hours. Once! Then after that long chunk of sleep, you wake up anywhere between one and a half to three hours after your last feeding. The lack of sleep is definitely taking it's toll on my memory. I have been very forgetful. I don't wake your dad up every time you feed, but he's still not getting enough sleep either. 

You're both a little more fussy than you were as newborns, so sometimes the daily juggle of keeping you babies happy is a little more difficult. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing binky whack-a-mole as I try to put them back in your mouths as fast as you spit them out. You're still lousy binky suckers. I can now tell you apart just by your cries and fusses though. You've also been super gassy and just toot seemingly all the time. I still find it funny, and at least giggle a little to myself even when it's the middle of the night and you are just letting them rip. Your poop schedule has changed to once every 6-10 days on average (and yes we ask the doctor about it every time we go in, but she says it's normal). 

I love my one-on-one time with each of you kissing your cheeks, rubbing noses, and coaxing smiles out of you. I am glad I have been able to nurse both of you because I think it gives us mandatory one-on-one time and I am so thankful for it! We've had a lot of visitors this month coming to stay and help and meet you girls. I am still having fun and feeling confident taking care of you both even when there's nobody else around to help out. I even took you both and your sister, Hazel, to the park one morning  on our first girls' outing just the 4 of us. 

Your sister doesn't like to hold you very much, but she does like to snuggle you, touch you, and give you "mooches." She gets so excited when she's looking at you and you blink... She'll say, "She's winking at me!!!" She still can't tell you apart, but your dad rarely calls you by the wrong name anymore. Your dad is also becoming more fond of you too. Of course he has loved you from the beginning, but I think it's been harder for him to bond than it has been for me. The lack of sleep is getting to him, but the smiles make up for it at least a little bit. 



You weigh 8.4lbs and can still fit in some newborn onesies and starting to fit into 0-3 month clothes.

You are still full of expressions but now you add your smile in frequently. I love your little sweet grin. You just look a little goofy and mischievous when it's on your face. Your forehead wrinkles are diminishing as your face fills out, and it breaks my heart to see them disappearing, but you'll probably be glad that you won't have adolescent wrinkle lines.

You love to stretch and kick your feet. You're still spitting up a lot, but your blowouts have calmed down quite a bit. You love to turn your head upward to see my face when I snuggle you. I could gaze at your bright blue eyes all day. You don't like tummy time very much, and when you get mad your little face turns red like a tomato. 



You are 10lbs. and growing out of some of the newborn clothes, fitting 0-3 month clothes well.

Every time I unwrap you, you stretch out, and I think you grow a little bit more each time. Your eyes are still a dark bluish-gray, and I'm still not sure what color they're going to end up. You are losing your hair, but you have a thick strip down the middle of your head kind of like a mohawk and it's still thick in the back except for a bald circle. You're getting great little leg and arm rolls, a double chin, and cheeks like your big sister... They make me so proud! I really think you are aptly named because when you are looking around with your head bobbing and your little mouth agape you remind me so much of an adorable baby bird. 

You like to blow spit bubbles when you're content in your bouncer. You seem to like tummy time although it's not always very productive for you because instead of using your muscles to lift your head, a lot of times you just lay down and take a nap. You are a snuggler and I love to lay with you snuggled into my chest napping. 


We're settling into this life of a family of 5. More sleep and fewer outside responsibilities would make it a little better, but I think this spring and summer are going to be a lot of fun. We have a lot planned, so I know time is going to pass way too quickly. I'm going to try not to blink!

Love you,


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