October 14, 2015

Sounds of the Season: Fall

Something that I have loved about working from home is the ability to listen to music throughout the day. In my previous office, the occasional sports radio coming from the cubicle next to me was as close as I got. Working from home can be a little lonely (have you heard about how I made friends with a spider outside my window and named her Charlotte?) but it is less lonely with some good tunes setting the vibe.

I have a very mixed taste in music, however, during these fleeting autumn weeks I get pretty specific in the music I listen to. There's certain music that is just so FALL to me. I am always nostalgic at this time of the year, and so I tend to lean toward more melancholy melodies to be my soundtrack.

As I was thinking about some of my fall favorites, I decided to make a YouTube playlist... and since I was going through the trouble to make a playlist, I wanted to share it. So please take a listen and enjoy this beautiful season to a beautiful set of songs.

Some of these songs have been my go-to's for years, and some are brand new to me. I hope this list speaks to you and helps you heighten your autumn mood.

My current song crush.

Remember those headphone stations at Borders? Back in highschool, that's where my friend, Jordan, and I discovered the Weepies. If I remember correctly, we were looking up Dolly Parton's Jolene and ended up listening to the Weepies' Jolene. It's been love with them ever since! 

Who doesn't need a good Shins kick from time to time? Eh? Eh?

What is it about songs titled Jolene? I haven't met one I didn't like. 

I have my friend, Austin, to thank for sharing this one back in the day!

You don't get a more fitting song for fall than this one. 

I didn't know I liked any Death Cab for Cutie songs, and I certainly didn't know they sang this until I just looked it up... Never would have guessed.

I'm so thankful that I was studying in a Fort Collins coffee shop on the fateful day that I first heard this song. It has my birthday in it, and I liked it so much I made the barista figure out who was singing it because I knew I'd be listening to it forever more. This is not her last appearance on this playlist.

This one is pretty new to me. "...when you run make sure you run to something and not away from..."

I remember singing this in the hallway of the dorms freshman year of college with Madi while Nick played along on the guitar. I miss freshman year, you guys!!!

I shared this song in a post a few years ago in the fall as well. The video makes me so happy. Do yourself a favor and take the long way home while the trees are at their prettiest!

Gotta have some Swifty. I think this is her only song that's haunting enough to make this list. Also, does anyone else get this confused with the intro of Burning House?

The Mumford & Sons Pandora station is frequently playing in my house these days.

If anybody has wintergreen corduroys, consider yourself lucky!

I love this song. I teared up the first time I saw the Chipotle short film with the Willie Nelson version. It still gives me goosebumps (not sure if this is normal)... and when they hold hands at the end. Gah! Check it out if you've never seen it. And if you've made it this far in the playlist perhaps you'll "go back to the start!"

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If you think of some similar music/songs/artist that would make a good addition, please let me know! I'm always up for falling in love with more music.

EDIT: I've already thought of more I want to add! I will probably continue adding to this playlist as I go!


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