October 24, 2012

haunting of trees

I am sitting here on the deck once again enjoying the SUPREMELY perfect October weather (high of mid 80's? Oh yeah!). My posts feel like they are getting all backed up, I was intending to add some other pictures and talk about some things that have happened over the last couple weeks (cause I'm always behind)...

All week I've been wanting to write about how fall is for taking the long way home, because last week I was taking detours like a crazy person just to look at all the changing trees.

AND THEN! As I was sitting here I started playing a THIS song/video (via one of my favorite blogs). And that was literally the first few lyrics of the song!

As if on cue after starting the song, I glanced up at my trees (which have dropped most of their brilliantly yellow leaves and now look more like those in this video) and a branch from the tippy-top of a giant maple tree fell off of the tree and crashed alll the way to the ground. We're talking a good sized branch too, not some puny twig. No wind nor squirrel provoked it to my knowledge. It just suddenly fell ...with the weight of my eye... (Creeeepy)

It was just haunting enough I took it as a sign I should most-definitely share this with you. now.



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