September 26, 2018

7 Months of Wrennox

This is probably the latest I've posted yet, but I really did write most of this on time. The pictures are just a daunting task. I have SO MANY to go through, edit, and choose the best ones to include here. 

Dear Girls,

7 months. What a month it has been! There have been some major ups and downs...

First, and saddest of all, your first dog died. Norbert was THE BEST dog, and I was sooo looking forward to one of you being his best friend (him and Hazel had a semi-strained relationship ever since he ate her pizza. I was convinced one of you two, probably Lennox, was going to be a super dog lover and you two would get along great!). It was utterly heart-shattering to put him down so young, and it started this whole month out in quite a funk.

On a happier note, you two have been loads of fun to watch. You're both sitting up on your own now, and getting closer and closer to crawling. You can kind of roll around and sometimes get to what you want. You have been playing with your toys a lot, taking everything out of your little toy box. You always seem to want to take the toy that your sister has, and for now, it's really funny to see you two interact and "fight" over a toy. I'm sure in a few months that will change.

The jumper was Wren's domain last month, but Lennox has gotten into now too! You also really enjoy active songs where we sing and move your arms around, like Happy and You Know It, the YMCA, the Macarena. Your Mimi was working on teaching you Patty Cake on her visit and you can't hear that jingle without giving it your full attention.

We have started working on sign language with you, but we're not very consistent with it yet.

We loaded up your dresser drawers with all of the 6-9 month baby clothes because at least length wise you were in need of bigger sizes. You are both mostly wearing size 3 diapers now too. You are growing out of your bouncer seats and bumbos.

The most annoying habit you've picked up, is that you both start crying when I walk into the room. You are momma's girls! If I'm working and come down for your next meal, my happy babies instantly lock eyes with me and start fussing, hoping to get fed first. I then have to choose one, and the "not chosen one" gets even more jealous and upset until it's her turn. I try to rotate days on who gets to go first, because it's really heartbreaking. I logically understand why you are getting upset when you see me, but after a few weeks of it, it's hard to take. I like to see my babies happy, not crying!!

And speaking of crying... the sleep issue just wasn't getting any better. In fact I think it was getting worse, because not only where you not sleeping long stretches, but you two started fussing when being put down to sleep. Something had to change, so we started a loose sleep training method. We don't let you totally cry it out, but once we put you in bed, we don't take you out again until you've done some sleeping. We go in and help you settle, and then leave again. The first couple nights there was quite a bit of crying. But then you started going down really easily and you SLEPT THROUGH ONE NIGHT. You haven't really done it again, but at least you're good at going to sleep now, even if you don't stay that way long.

Your dad and I did an early celebration for our 30th birthdays and 5 year wedding anniversary by going to the Grand Canyon for a night while your Mimi, Gaga, and Aunt Erin watched all you girls back at home. We were really excited to have a full night of no crying, but alas, neither of us slept well at all. You have US trained to wake up several times a night.

We're still trying to get you used to eating solid foods at least once a day. Wren likes it a lot, but we're lucky to get a few bites into Lennox. Neither of you liked the carrots when we first fed those to you. You were both making funny, gaggy faces.

Your dad really likes to watch you two interact now. He may egg on the toy disputes a little bit. He has also been your head chef and enjoying making your pureed foods. Since we've been giving you bottles more frequently your dad has been able to feed those to you and get in on a lot of good sleepy baby snuggles.

I'm sad to report that Hazel still can't accurately decipher between the two of you. But she is trying to teach you how to dress yourselves, by narrating her process of getting dressed in front of you.



You weigh 15 lb. 6.4 oz. I have no concern about your weight gain. I'm happy to see that you've been keeping those yummy leg rolls and munchable cheeks.

You have been so smiley and lovable. You are still a pretty mellow baby, even though you picked up on the cry-when-you-see-mom habit. You dance with excitement when we're feeding you and open your mouth with gusto to take big bites.

Your hair has started growing much faster and you are getting quite a fuzzy head of brown hair. It's long enough now that you can have crazy hair moments. Sometimes you put on a super cute smirk and makes it look like somebody just told you the best secret.

We think you are going to be crawling soon because we can see your strength and determination. You can push yourself up very high with your arms, and just recently we've seen you get on your knees a couple times. We are going to have to do a lot more baby proofing soon!

I hold you and you snuggle me and just completely melt my heart, little girl.



You are 12 lb 9.6 oz. Yes, I freaked out when that measurement came in. That's less than last month (although maybe using a different scale).

Your weight has me a little panicked because you haven't gained anything since last month, but up until recently I thought you were filling out nicely. We may have to add in some extra night bottles again to get you back on pace. You can hold your bottles all on your own now and it is so cute.

I don't want to give you a label that will follow you long-term, but at this stage in our lives you are the HMG (High Maintenance Girl - that's what they called my childhood friend's little sister and she was very offended because she thought it stood for Hairy Monkey Girl) of the family. But you are also adorable, so you are getting away with not eating well and not sleeping well. When we try to feed you, you mostly purse your lips and look away. I like to call you Easy-Going Lennox to speak optimistic thoughts into the universe and give you a more aspirational nickname.

Your hair does not seem to be growing in length, but it does seem to be thickening into a nice velvet on your head. You are a little ray of sunshine when you are happy and a straight up screamer now when you are mad. I love your hot and cold personality, always keeping us on our toes.


Thank you girls, for being you. You challenge us, but you also make us love you so much we can hardly stand it. I love locking eyes with you and (as long as you've been recently fed and don't start crying) waiting for the sides of your mouths to turn up in a happy baby grin. When you giggle together its like the sweetest little chorus I've ever heard. So thank you. Now please go to sleep.


{  First time sitting! }

{  Lennox is sitting too! }

{  Rosie the Raccoon - made with love by Aunt Erin  }

{  Lucille the Bunny - made with love by Aunt Erin  }