You know the way the sun filters through the leaves of the trees in the perfect way on a perfect spring or summer morning and results in little circles of light intermingling on the ground like a thousand venn diagrams? I live for that kind of lighting. And it was on such a morning I was sitting on our deck trying to come up with a name for my new blog and inspiration lighted right beneath my feet.

This is the next chapter... We moved from Hawaii back to the Midwest, bought a home, got married, and had our first baby!! Ah, life, you sweet and crazy thing, you!

I'm a momma, a wife, and a lover of nature. I love to create things in a 'jack-of-all-trades, master of none' sort of way. Gardening, painting, crocheting, yoga, and swimming... all things I like to do. But more than anything, I love to hang out with my incredible little family.

Follow me on my journey here, where there is a light "dapple" of this and that. Thanks for joining in on the fun!

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Leave me a comment and tell me who you are! I love knowing who is reading about my life!

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