February 24, 2015

Weekly update: Week 38

How far along? 38 weeks

How much weight have you gained? 31 pounds

Any cravings?  Strawberries have sounded wonderful! I also randomly wanted boneless chicken wings one night even though I am not a chicken wing person. 

What are you wearing? Let me just say that I can't wait until my normal clothes fit again!

How are you feeling? Symptoms? It feels like someone has been punching me in the crotch. No signs of labor yet, but (this may be over-sharing for some of you) the doctor said I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.

Stretch marks? Natta...

Belly button in or out? Out. 

Sleep? I'm waking up a few times a night generally, especially because my groin pain makes it hard to roll over, but this week I was pretty tired from my cold and still slept pretty hard.

Best moment this week: Relaxing, and just trying to appreciate having some down time before baby gets here. I tried sleeping in as much as possible and just enjoying the calm and quiet.

Worst moment this week: Reconfirming that I'm not super happy with our doctors... but whatever, I'm not letting it get me down. 

Miss anything?  My old clothes and my old walk. Though, I do think I'm able to rock the pregnancy waddle pretty well.

Movement? She's still moving around her normal amount.

Excited for anything? Labor! I'm feeling really optimistic about it! With every little twinge I wonder if it might be starting, but nothing so far. I'm staying positive though and I'm hoping that I go into labor on my own, no induction necessary... and then hoping for the great ending of a healthy baby girl!

How’s dad-to-be? Tyler is feeling energized after his cold, and he has put his new energy to good use by doing some cleaning around the house.  He's been very patient when it takes me a long time to stand up and get my hips functioning properly and when we then have to walk at a snail's pace to get anywhere.


P.S. We also attempted to take our own maternity photos this week... and they did not go so well. They were awkward. Very awkward. But I still plan to share some highlights soon!


February 19, 2015

The Nursery

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? Once upon a time there was an empty room...

{  Tan ceiling, tan walls  }
This room was the first one to get it's floors refinished. Then it became our bedroom for many months while the bees were removed from the master and while we took our time fixing the hole, repainting, and decorating. After we moved into the master, this room became the guest room, but eventually it was settled that this room would be the nursery. This is where we will bring our new baby and watch her grow and play and sleep and dream!

But first there were many preparations and a lot of decorating to do! I know that she won't give a hoot what her room looks like for many years to come, but I was stoked to create a haven for her. My decorating all started with the urge to paint the walls navy blue. No hot pink nursery for us. Nothing too theme-y either. I wanted something that was colorful and fun, but could also grow with her as she becomes her own little person. 

{  White ceiling, and Tyler beginning to paint the walls!  }
After the wall color came the curtains... Tyler's worst memory of this pregnancy process will probably be picking out the damn curtain fabric! But eventually it came together! I wanted to find the curtain fabric first so I could build the rest of the color scheme around them. It was not the crowd's favorite, but I chose fabric #2 and eventually found enough material for the curtains. 

{  All fabrics are from JoAnn's: Main, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue  }
I also got some coordinating fabrics thinking I was going to put some stripes in them... but that didn't happen. I kept putting off the sewing project, but finally on Superbowl Sunday I took the plunge and actually sewed them. To make it simple I only used the main fabric for the curtains, and used two of the corresponding ones to make a cutesy pillow instead. 

There were so many fun colors in the fabric, the rest of the decorations were pretty easy to match. We have a lot of white to keep the room bright and lots of pretty colors all over!

As I mentioned before, the changing table/dresser was a Craigslist find that started as a natural wood color that we refinished white.

Piece by  piece we built the nursery. A crib, a light fixture, a rug, a chair, shelves, decorations, LOVE!

{  Rocker, Pendant Light  }
 The glider is so comfy and has a great view of the backyard. And the rug is super soft and Tyler even put padding down beneath it to make it extra cushy.

{  Crib  }
{  Rug from Garden Ridge  }
{  Shark from Ikea }
I decided it would be fun to make her mobile, and after tossing around a few ideas, this was the finished product. I cut a branch from a dead tree in our yard and brought it in to start. Tyler thought I was crazy.

Norbert was really jealous that I got to bring a giant stick in the house, since he is never allowed to bring his sticks inside.

I wrapped styrofoam balls in yarn and hung them with twine, attached a few sheet metal hearts, a couple birds and a couple bees and viola! Tyler was making fun of me the whole time saying. "You are literally nesting (in the literal sense). This is what birds do... gather sticks and twine and make a nest..." But he really likes the finished product.

{  This will be her view  }

Norbert could also be a little jealous of the new digs that this little lady is getting.

We have a few very minor things to still finish, like putting artwork in the top frame and finding a little lamp to add. I'd still like to eventually add some crazy handles to the dresser, and I'm sure I will rearrange these shelves a hundred times... But this nursery is now fully functional and cute! (If I do say so...)

There is more on the walls of the nursery than there is in the rest of our house combined. No joke. It is definitely the most put together room in the house, now. 

It's hard to get a good photo of this side of the room. The butterfly artwork came from a calendar that my friend Jordan gave me, and I've been waiting for the right room to finally frame and hang it since 2010. They are perfect for this room. 

{  "No Sniveling" sign from JJ's Cantina  }
We love the "No Sniveling" sign. It's ironically fitting for a nursery don't you think? It's a saying that we each loved on our own. He got the sign from JJ's Cantina in Rocky Point, Mexico, a place filled with memories. And I have it on a hat from Kemosabe, a store in Vail, reminding me of fun Copper Spur memories. 

The bookshelves were made by Becky and given to us for our baby shower, and the Illinois/Arizona artwork was made by Tyler's sister, Cara, this year for Christmas. 

For those of you who like to see inside closets/organization:

{  Tiny baby clothes hanging!  }
{  This side is not as tidy  }
 The elephant mobile will eventually hang above her changing table, I think. The Ranger Rick stickers/tattoos were inherited with the house and there is no way to get them off of the door, but I don't hate them.

I love the way it all came together and I cannot wait to spend a lot of time in here. We already tend to wander in here all the time. We stand or sit and just look at everything that is patiently waiting for her arrival. We're trying to be patient too, but now that we are starting to feel ever more ready, it's going to be harder to do.

We're ready to welcome you home, little girl!


February 17, 2015

Weekly Update: Week 37

How far along? 37 weeks!

How much weight have you gained? 30 pounds

Any cravings? Not really, 

What are you wearing? My belly is outgrowing some of my maternity shirts... Today at work was a struggle to keep everything covered. Ooops!

How are you feeling? Symptoms? I'm having some pelvic pain as baby is dropping, so sometimes walking can be painful and slow. I've also been having some painless contractions, but no signs of actual labor yet.

Stretch marks? Still avoiding them so far!

Belly button in or out? Out.

Sleep? I wake up a lot at night now, sometimes for an hour or so before going back to bed. 

Best moment this week: There was a lot of good this week! It was Valentine's day weekend, of course, and though we didn't do anything fancy, we did make some delicious banana and caramelized walnut pancakes in the shape of hearts blobs Saturday morning. Mom, Erin, and I went out to get pedicures together so I can have pretty toes if this little lady decides to make her appearance soon. Then we all (including Dad and Tyler) put together a bunch of crockpot meals to freeze for those first weeks when we aren't going to be sleeping much and won't feel like cooking. Sunday, Tyler and I made a lot of progress on the nursery hanging up shelves and getting some of the decorations together. But the best thing that happened is that we got the snow I'd been hoping for and I got a snow day on Monday! Tyler already had the day off and I crashed it (same thing happened last year), and guess what... I hardly dare say it, but I think we FINISHED the nursery! We also took pictures of deer in the backyard at 3AM, went sledding, pre-registered at the hospital, went to a doctor's appointment, and ate Qdoba (I guess that was kind of a craving this week). It was a good day. We are feeling ready! 

Worst moment this week: Last night when my throat started hurting!! Tyler got sick this week and he is just now getting back to normal and I was hoping that I was going to avoid catching it, but I don't think I got so lucky. I have been really proud to make it this far through the pregnancy without getting sick once, despite some nasty things going around, but I think my streak has ended. I'm just hoping to get it over with quickly and before I go into labor because I DO NOT want to not be able to breathe through my nose when I go into labor... ugh!

Miss anything? I miss being able to think about things other than this baby. I think it's pretty normal in late pregnancy but she has consumed my mind as well as taken over my body. 

Movement? She's been poking me in the sides and the ribs quite a bit.

Excited for anything? If nothing else, I'm always excited for my next meal. I need to figure out what's for dinner. 

How’s dad-to-be? I think he is also misses me being able to think of things other than this baby... He's incredibly excited for her to get here and has enjoyed preparing for her arrival, but he is not quite as obsessed as I am because she doesn't currently reside within him and he hasn't  formed quite the same connection or have the crazy hormones pumping through him. He loves her already but he is really looking forward to actually meeting her and building their bond from that point.