September 16, 2014

Woah, Baby!

We are so excited to start this journey! 

For those of you who don't mind getting up close and personal with my uterus, meet our little one:

All movie editing credits go to Tyler!

August 26, 2014

We bought a zoo!

Our house! We bought it three days before our wedding. It sits on one acre, it's stone, it's quaint, it has some unique features, and it has a superb location.

We were house hunting for a while, but when we came across this house it just seemed doable. We didn't fall for it heart and soul quite like we had for some other houses (which we didn't end up going for, because for one reason or another they just didn't make sense.) But this one did. It was in our price range, and just had so much potential!! It was(and is) a project house, but one we felt that we could handle. And because of it's location we know we will be able to rent or sell it very easily when the time comes. And now that we're in it and have made it more our own we do love it heart and soul. It was just one of the houses you need to get to know first, and then the more you know the better it gets.

So without further ado I will give you some of the original pictures we took when we were just looking at the place:

{  Mudroom with slate floors, quirky hanger rack, and window table (which we fondly call Roundtop)  }
{  Kitchen  }
{  Kitchen  }
{  Dinging room picture window and wall pass-through to kitchen  }

{ Living room window... selling feature! LOVE big windows and a lot of natural light  }

{  Living room: fireplace, front door, window  }
{  Master bedroom - again, swoon worthy window right there!  }

{  2nd bedroom  }
{  3rd Bedroom  }

{  View from dining room to kitchen  }

{  Small and gross upstairs bath  }
{  Small and gross upstairs bath  }
It was a foreclosure that had been sitting for a while so the landscaping had grown wild and the wild had started moving into the house too!
  • We had honey bees living in our master bedroom wall, which had to be taken out through the inside along with all their honeycomb. 
  • We had squirrels living in the attic.
  • Raccoons in the trashcan
  • Red velvet chocolate bar loving mice
  • Groundhogs under the driveway
  • A Possum in the groundhog trap
  • And briefly a rat snake living in our outside wall/window well
{  Honeybee devastation  }
{  Vacuuming up the bees!  }
{  Me in my bee suit  }
{  Snake!  }

To say the least, we now have a lot of experience with critter control. Yay us! Most of the above were re-homed out into the country, but a few needed more drastic measures. :(

Projects we (or our awesome family) have done include:
  • Replacing doorknobs
  • Re-surfacing our hardwood floors in 3 rooms
  • Repairing the hole in the wall where our bees once lived 
  • Painting the bathroom grout
  • Painting the bathroom walls and ceiling
  • Painting the living room trim
  • Replacing master ceiling fan
  • Painting the master bedroom walls and ceiling
  • Other miscellaneous painting
  • Replacing the furnace floo
  • Replacing the basement door
  • Fixing the plumbing (we hired some professionals for this one)
  • Removing the shed
  • Beefing up our carport legs with some nice new wraps (still in progress)
  • And TONSSS of yardwork/brush removal/weeding/planting/gardening
  • Replace the kitchen window
  • We are about to paint the outside trim too!
We still have many more projects to go! We come up with them faster than we check them off the list for sure. The house is now full of our stuff, half of which we should probably get rid of. We have been trying to decorate a little bit, but we still have almost nothing hanging on our walls. We have a long way to go! More pictures to come I'm sure.


April 8, 2014

Minimoon + Honeymoon

It's a dreary beginning to April (which I love!), it's been storming a lot (which I totally love!), and work has been busy (which I don't necessarily love). So when I looked back over some of wedding pictures and honeymoon pictures, I got a little honeymoon-sick.

We didn't go on our honeymoon right after the wedding. We wanted to spread our our celebrating a little bit, and we were able to save up some extra vacation time for it.

Right after the wedding we took a few days to relax and stayed at Tara Point in Grafton, IL for our Minimoon.  Grafton is a very small town and we were there over a Monday, which seems to be when everything is closed down, so we took it very easy and focused on watching the sun set over the rivers from out perch high on the bluffs.

In January we set off for the island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas. It was a sleepy island with quite beaches, slow dinners, and the opportunity to hang out with swimming pigs!!

I will let the pictures from our 'moons' do the rest of the talking... Get ready for a lot of pictures!



{  Our room! So adorable <3  }

{  His first time eating coconut, freshly smashed  }
{  At the Chat-N-Chill  }

{  Check out what side of the car he is on!  }
{  My dream beach cottage. It's so perfect. }
{  Come, my piglets!  }
{  Inside Thunderball Grotto  }
{  They were not small...  }
{  Shark!  }
{  Such clear water! That was at least 20 ft deep.  }

Wonderful Honeymoon!!

I am getting tired of blogging behind the times... It's harder to do catch-up posts and I end up posting less and less when I'm behind. So I'm hoping to just do a little more catch-up with the house and then be able to start writing about the here and now!!

Spring is here and we have exciting things happening with the house/yard! Love!!