February 3, 2017

Hazeldotes 3-7

3. This story hails back to Christmas morning... Hazel was opening presents and got a new baby doll. She immediately started playing with it, hugging it, patting it on the back, and then..... "UHER" she made it burp!

4. She also got a new tea set. We soon were having coffee parties (because that is what we drink in this house and she was more familiar with it than tea). But regular tea/coffee pouring became trite. Soon we developed a new old fashioned party... One of us asks, "What kind of tea party is this?" and we all turn our cups over and yell, "BOSTOOON!" It's fun. Now just waiting for it to happen with real liquid.

5. Hazel had a piece of chocolate in her hair one day, and I pulled it out and before I knew it I ate it! Instinctual parenting? Maybe? That's what I tell myself to feel better.

6. We started teaching Hazel how to do a thumbs up, but her attempts are more of a mangled two handed knot.

7. Our car was in the shop the other day and wasn't done in time to pick Hazel up from daycare. We had to put her seat in Tyler's big Jeep which we've never done before. We both went to pick her up from daycare so somebody could sit in the Jeep while the other went in (battery dies frequently). When I walked Hazel up to the Jeep she covered her ears and said "Loud!" and then started chanting, "No jeep! No jeep! No jeep!" while crying as we ushered her into her car seat and buckled her in. In the 3 minutes it took to get home her whole perspective changed and she was asking for "More Jeep!" as we parked in the driveway. Then she clung on for dear life as we tried to take her out, wailing "More Jeep! More Jeep! More Jeep!" We are obviously asshole parents.

7. The other night we were eating dinner and Hazel reached for a jalapeno on Tyler's plate. He told that would be a bad day for her if she ate it. A few seconds pass before she points to it again and says, "Bad Day!" So of course we reinforced it. Jalapenos are now called Bad Days in our house. :)



December 23, 2016

Hazeldotes 1-2

1. We went to see Tyler play hockey recently and ever since then, anytime he is at work or out of the house Hazel thinks he is at hockey. She pronounces it very properly and almost sounds British. She thinks he plays a loooot of hockey.

2. About two weeks ago we were eating pizza sitting around our coffee table. We've really been enjoying eating dinner there lately because Hazel sits in one of her little chairs and Tyler and I sit on the floor, and it's just cozy and fun. Tyler had to leave for hockey so Hazel and I said goodbye to him in the kitchen and we left her pizza unattended in the living room.

When she went back in I heard her say "Go Away!" I rushed back in knowing what had happened and started yelling at Norbert for eating her pizza off the table. It's a bad habit he's been trying lately and I really wanted to nip it in the bud. Hazel started sobbing and I wasn't sure if it was because she'd not seen me yell like that before, or whether she was sad her pizza was gone... I soon had my answer when she started crying "Piiiiiiiiiiizzzzaaaaaa..." boo hoo hoo! I got her another piece and all was fine with the world.

She's been a bt of a hold out for trying to say Norbert's name. I've been excited to see what she ends up calling him, so I ask her pretty frequently to say his name. Usually she dodges the question by saying "doggie" or something, but ever since the pizza incident she says, "Pizza! Bad!" Between that and a few scratching incidents lately, their relationship is in a pretty rocky place.

{  Our dog, PizzaBad  }

December 3, 2016

Bathroom Renovation 2016

We started this DIY renovation in APRIL and here it is, the beginning of DECEMBER and we are just now finishing it up. Renovations are tough to begin with, but add in a baby/toddler and it becomes a physical and psychological torture labyrinth that will seemingly never end (maybe that's a little extreme).

Here is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in with the TAN walls and the brown, super gross grout...

And here is what it looked like after we made some cosmetic changes, like painting the grout and painting the walls... It was a significant improvement, but we really wanted more storage and we did not like the periwinkle tile at all.



New tile, vanity, toilet, light fixture, towel bar (by me) and mirror frame (made by my dad). We kept the same wall color which saved a little bit of work. Here is the NOW!!!

{  Adding some simple holiday cheer - literally printed this from Word this morning, Ha!  }

WALLS = Daltile white subway tiles and Behr Irish Mist paint

FLOOR = MARAZZI - Montagna Smoky Black 6 in. x 24 in. Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles   

ALL GROUT = Fusion Pro # 19 Pewter