June 2, 2018

4 Months of Wrennox

Dear loin fruits,     <--- I'm sure your future selves are saying, "Gross!" Ha!

What a month it's been. It's had its ups and its downs, but we'll get to that...

You both keep growing and started wearing size 2 diapers, though technically Lennox still fits in 1's, it's just easier to stock one size. We haven't been cloth diapering much because you're kind of between sizes in our stash but hopefully we'll get into the swing of that again soon. We've moved most of the newborn stuff out of the dresser and have loaded it up with up to 3-6 month clothes instead. Some of that is still big for both of you, but it won't be long before you grow out of all the 0-3 month stuff (at least length-wise. You are tall girls!).

The fuzz on your heads is starting to grow back now too (as all my hair is falling out). I can't tell what color it is yet, maybe blonde like your sister. Sometimes Lennox's looks a bit reddish-brown.

You are still breastfeeding and we don't plan on adding solids quite yet, although you're starting to get interested in what we're eating.

The main issue we've had is sleep. You're not letting me get any. Even though we're hitting some exciting milestones, I am not sleeping and it's making this really hard. It's harder now than it was in the beginning, and that's because all the sleep deprivation is just compounding. I am trying to function as normal but my memory is terrible, my patience is short, and I don't think I'm fooling anyone. Tyler went out of town for a few days this month and I gave up caffeine for about a week to see if there was a difference in Lennox's spit-up issue. Woof. So tiring. As an example, I think the worst night between 12pm and 8am,  Lennox woke up to eat 5 times and Wren 2 times. That's 7 nursing sessions in 8 hours!! Not cool, girls. Please sleep more.

A little sad, but in the last week we've stopped putting you both in the bassinet to sleep. You were wedged in there pretty tight and it was time to move to a bigger space. We pulled out the pack 'n' play and have you in that, but now you're able to wiggle around and kick each other, so it's time to separate you completely.

You got to do some travelling this month. One weekend we went down to Sedona for the day and it was the furthest away you'd ever been from home. The next weekend we topped that by going down to Mexico for a long weekend (Wren didn't cry at all on the drive down). Crossing borders and seeing the beach for the first time. It was an exciting trip, and an added bonus, you slept better than ever on that trip, so I got a tiny bit of respite.

I don't know if I mentioned it last month, but you had learned how to roll from your bellies to your backs. This month, Wren learned the opposite, and Lennox is really close. You are both a lot better with your hands. You are intentionally grabbing at your toys and manipulating things. You try to get your binkies back in your mouths now too (occasionally you're successful). This allows you to play on your mats or in your bouncers by yourselves quite contentedly for a while. Most exciting of all, you are giggling a little bit! I LOOOVE some baby giggles.

You also notice each other sometimes now and will give each other smiles. Sometimes you like to smile when you hear the other crying though too... Not sure what that's all about. You both really like to watch and listen to your big sister Hazel too.

Hazel has continued to be a sweet big sister to you. Sometimes she's able to guess the right name for the right baby, but she still is not confident about it.



You are 10 pounds 10.5 oz and 25.5 inches long. You are the raspberriest baby to ever blow raspberries. You love to do it and you love for us to do it back at you. That's what I was doing the first time I got you giggling.

You're still spitting up, but I've been trying to troubleshoot by trying different positions, giving up caffeine for a week (it's been rough), and I may try to give up dairy for you next. #truelove Your doctor was a little concerned about your weight, so we're going to try to add more feedings and give you some extra expressed milk from a bottle to bulk you up a bit.

You still arch your back a lot, but this past week you haven't seemed quite so uncomfortable. We bought a swing and you really love it.



You are 12 pounds 7.5 ounces and 26 inches long. You still love doing your baby crunches, always wanting to sit up and see what's going on.

You've found your voice a little more and you've started talking and yelling. Sometimes its hard to tell if you are upset or just yelling at your toys. You haven't giggled too much, but I've heard a couple chuckles.

You are pretty easy, except you require a little extra maintenance to keep your rolls clean and dry. You have come into the drool stage so you are frequently wet, but I haven't felt any teeth yet. You like to roll with the flow and are still sweetly cuddly. I'm hoping you stay cuddly always!


I am still coming to terms with what it means to have two babies. I'm not sure that it will ever feel completely normal. I am sure when I try to recall this time years from now it's all just going to be a big blur. Know that though this is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, I'm also enjoying you both immensely. Having all my girls close is such a surreal and amazing feeling. I am so proud to call you all my daughters.

Big love,

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