May 2, 2015

Spring Fever

Spring! The beginning of spring is always an exciting time. The cold and grey of winter seeps away and suddenly the warmth and green of spring starts to emerge. Spring brings so much more than the physical rebirth of the world around us. It brings an energy like no other time of year. The winter weather is no longer keeping us inside, and the bright light of spring starts calling our hearts and taking over our minds.

It's easy to become drunk on spring, and suddenly you want to be head over heels in love... You want to go on an adventure... You want to have fun... To be reckless... To GO someplace new.... To DO something dangerous... You are inspired... You are optimistic...
For many this energy manifests into spring cleaning. But for others it can be unquenchable. The force of spring is powerful!

I know the feeling of spring fever well, but this year is different for me. Just like the the world around me, I too gave birth to a new life! The plants are sprouting, the eggs are hatching, and my baby is growing. We're all growing. Suddenly, the energy of spring is helping me through my transition to a mother and helping our family blossom in completely new ways. My heart is so full I'm not sure there's room for anything else right now. This is quite the springtime adventure!

We have so many springtime blessings this year and have been enjoying the beautiful weather as much as possible.

Hazel and I get outside everyday. We go for long walks around the neighborhood, but we also go for walks around our yard inspecting all the new growth and plants that are coming up. I love to garden and I always enjoy seeing all of our perennials as they poke out of the ground. Last year was so exciting because we had no idea what was planted. This year we have so many new additions to welcome to the yard. I have been most excited about these flowers and have been anxiously checking their progress every day waiting for these gorgeous blooms! They're still not in full bloom, and I want to plant even more so that I have a huge patch of them. Their globes look like they should be in a fairy tale, not real life!

{  My bloom  }
{  What my allium patch aspires to be  }
The other day, we planted a tree for Hazel. An old tree in our yard died and we replaced it with a new dogwood tree in honor of Hazel. I am so sentimental and love trees so much, how could our daughter not have her own special tree?

We have been extremely fortunate to not only have one baby in our nursery, but FOUR! There's Hazel, of course, but it is also home to a family of robins. They made a nest on the window ledge and laid three beautiful, blue eggs. We've been watching this incredibly sweet little family care for their eggs for a couple weeks (trying our hardest not to scare them off), and finally this week they hatched! At this point the babies are basically little blobs of skin with a few feather tufts, but I'm sure we will soon be hearing their little chirps calling out for snacks!

{  Even in real life it's impossible to tell what is what...  }
We went to visit Mimi and Gramps this week too, and Hazel got to pick her first asparagus from Grandpa's patch. I think she got the fattest one I've ever seen! We picked almost a whole Hazel's worth of asparagus (aka 10 lbs). I am excited to see her next year when she'll be toddling around and able to look for the asparagus herself!

I never knew how cute a baby hugging asparagus could be!!

Happy Spring! I hope you find a way to quench whatever it is your heart is yearning for and that it carries you blissfully into summer!


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