April 16, 2015

1 Month of Hazel

Dear Hazel,

Today you are one month old. You have totally changed our lives, and we are so happy that you did. You currently weigh about 10.5 pounds and you are  22.5 inches long. You have been wearing your newborn clothes as well as some pieces that are up to the 3 month size.

So far you have been exclusively breast fed, and although we had our struggles the first day, you now are eating like a champ. I'm still not sure if we have a proper latch, but it's been working for us so far. This past week your dad tried giving you breast milk in a bottle. You adapted to it quickly and it was a special moment for your dad to get to feed you or the first time.

You make some of the cutest noises I've ever heard. Squeaks and grunts. Velociraptor noises... Even your burps and toots make me so happy to hear them! You are adorable in every single way. So far you don't do too much except eat and sleep. When you are awake you are taking in all your surroundings, even though you can't see very well yet. Everything is new to you! You really like to look at the black and white pictures I made you, and you don't mind staring at our cow pillow either.

You like to be swaddled and you like to be carried around. You're always happy if one of us is wearing you in a carrier. If we take you on a walk in the stroller, you immediately fall asleep. At this point, you haven't been a big fan of your swing or bouncer. You'd much rather hang out in our arms or on one of our chests. We like to snuggle you best anyway (although sometimes it's necessary to put you down so we can cook, shower, etc...)

Even before you were born you always loved having your hands by your face. In every ultrasound you would make it difficult for the ultrasound technicians to get a good shot of your face because your hand was always there. Now it's no different. You still like to sleep with your little fist balled up against your cheek. You look so sweet while you are snoozing away.

You sleep at night anywhere between 2 and 6 hours before you wake up for a diaper change and nursing session. Most often, it's every 3 or 4 hours, which is okay with us. We haven't been too exhausted, but we still really enjoy afternoon naps if we can get them.

It's already hard for me to see you growing and changing before my eyes. Even when you were only a few days old I cried quite a few tears because you were growing up too quickly. I try to cherish all these newborn moments with you because I know they won't last long. At the same time I am excited to witness all your firsts and future milestones to come.

We've been taking it pretty easy together so far. Some days I get ambitious and wear you in a carrier and try to get things done around the house and yard, but other days we pretty much stay on the couch with you sleeping on my chest in between diaper changes and feedings. I try to take you outside everyday to get as much fresh air as possible. You've also been out to your grandparents house, a few restaurants and stores, the doctor's office, and both of our offices.

Your dad is over the moon for you. He likes to be loud with you when you are upset, and he also sings to you, but not real songs... they're mostly made up and usually pretty funny. You really like when he carries you around while "walking like a clydesdale" or when he's dancing with you.  When you are really upset and nothing will calm you down except being carried around and constantly moving (how dare one of us try to sit down!), he will put you in the carrier and ride his exercise bike in the basement because it gives you enough movement to keep you calm, but he is also able to sit down. You're giving him quite the workout!

Your dad frequently calls you our "tiny human." Our other nicknames for you are "Hazelnut" and "Hazelbutt."

We've already gotten to experience so many firsts with you, like your first time outside, meeting your family for the first time, your first kiss from Norbert, your first bath, not to mention all the very basic firsts right after you were born. There are going to be so many more and we can't wait to be there for them.

{  Hazel's first bath  }
Words really can't express how deep our love is for you and how happy we are that you have come into our lives. And even though we're all still figuring this family of three four (sorry Norbert) thing out, I already can't imagine what I would do without you!


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