December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We just went to our last holiday party yesterday. It was so nice to see family over the holidays, and although we celebrated three different times, I didn't feel like they were too stressful. Our families and friends definitely spoiled us this year, and we are so grateful to you all!

It didn't feel like the holidays quite as much this year, even though I was really looking forward to them since July. I think it's a mixture of us having so much else going on plus the warmish weather we have been having. We were hoping for a lot of cold and snow this winter, but instead it's been above freezing and raining a bunch. Mud doesn't quite put me in the spirit like a winter wonderland does.

We did get more lights up on our house this year. I purchased some solar LED lights for our front pine trees, and we put up a few strands around our carport too.

We prefer homemade decorations as opposed to store-bought when it comes to the holidays, and especially when it comes to stockings. So last year we picked out fabric, and I got started on making our own special stockings. Tyler's I completed by hand last year, but I only got the boot of mine done. So this year, it was a goal to finish mine (and Norbert's). This time I borrowed my mom's sewing machine. I completed the rest of my stocking but unfortunately, I jammed the machine (oops!) and didn't get done with Norbert's in time. (Santa didn't end up bringing him anything this year anyways. I think it was because he got into the trash too many times.)

{  Tyler's stocking  }

{  My stocking  }
 We were pretty last minute on most of our preparations though, and we definitely did not get cards out in the mail this year even though I was really hoping to. But since we didn't get physical cards out in the mail, I made a digital one instead!

We are SO looking forward to this new year and all the changes it is going to bring us!


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