October 17, 2012

Raining Leaves

There is nothing more beautiful and fleeting as autumn foliage.

I am surrounded by gold, red, and orange hues, aglow. Yesterday I was sitting outside listening to an owl hoot and even watched it glide by silently. Way back then (oh, 24 hours ago), there were only about half as many leaves on the ground as there are now. Today the deck and garden seem to be frothing with golden maple leaves.

My pictures can never do nature justice. I've been taking them for days but they just don't turn out the same. Nature is always most enthralling in it's original state, but I continue to try to capture pictures anyway. Hoping for something to appear on the screen that is similar to what I see surrounding me on all sides. However the images always lack that luster that appears in the present.

The views from our porch are absolutely stunning. Every instant things seem to get prettier. After living in Hawaii and Colorado, and visiting other places, this is still my favorite fall. Still some of my favorite views of all. Autumn in the Midwest; there's nowhere I'd rather be.

I always wish I could stop time and let fall drag on. It's something it never does. It is always too quick, things change too fast, and it seems like it's over before you can even grasp how wonderful it really is.

A storm is rolling in as I'm typing and I know the view out our window will be much different upon waking tomorrow... a little more brown and a little more bare.

Oh Fall, you bittersweet season, you've stolen my heart!


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