October 16, 2012

Plankton the Scarecrow

Meet our new friend! He is the fruit of our thrift shopping and love. This is Plankton our scarecrow.

The day after visiting the mine, he was born at the Scarecrow Jamboree. My FAVORITE fall tradition... One I used to get homesick for... A neighborhood get-together of near Gilmore Girls proportions that consists of scarecrow building, chili eating, square dancing, and neighbor mingling. A block of one of our roads is shut down and we all come out to celebrate the best season of all!

{ Scarecrow Birth }
We didn't enter Plankton into the scarecrow competition. We went for traditional and simple for Tyler's first Jamboree experience. But next year... I think we're going to be pretty fierce competitors.

We hit two chili cook-offs in one weekend and I still haven't had my fill of chili! I think Plankton has though... he always has a satisfied smile on his face.


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  1. Very poetic...and prophetic... I'm sure you're right about the changing perspective after the storms. Each year toward the end of October...usually right around Halloween...often ON Halloween, a cold rain sweeps most of the remaining 'gold' to the ground. While you are enjoying our old home once again....We are enjoying the Fall of our new home for the very first time...and you know....it is NOT disappointing. It has been beautiful. And, just as you would have, I worried about it... but, alas, it has been wonderful and I am now more comfortable in this new skin we call home.


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