January 20, 2018

Pregnancy 2 - Weekly Update: 36

How far along? 36 weeks (Jan 13 - 19)  - 43 weeks belly size.

How much weight have you gained?  42 lbs
Any cravings? So there's a thing that gets posted on our local swap and sell called a Picadilly. It's a snow cone and it has a layer of pickles and then koolaid powder on top. It sounds awful, but also like a pregnant woman came up with it. I guess it's a Texas thing? I've been sooo curious about it. The first time I saw them posted we drove around trying to find the people selling, but had no luck. The get posted a lot but we haven't made it back out for them, so I'm really hoping by the end of the pregnancy I'll be able to give you a Picadilly review!

What are you wearing? :( A sad selection of things. I get so annoyed walking into my closet and seeing plenty of clothes that I can't wear. It's really hard to pick anything out right now that is comfortable and acceptable. 

How are you feeling? Symptoms?   We took a Target trip this week which left me a little more sore than normal. The rib pain has been severe so I've been horizontal most of the week. Also,  so much pee! Laughing, sneezing, and coughing are dangerous, and I'm really glad we have a waterproof mattress cover because I'm not convinced I won't completely pee the bed one night (or have my water break).  Most exciting though, contractions! They haven't been regular but they've been more frequent. Mostly painless but sometimes crampy as well. Maybe signs that we won't have to wait until 38 weeks... 

Stretch marks? Spreading...

Belly button in or out? Out.

Sleep? I've been waking up a LOT. And then every time I try to go back to sleep I have the same annoying dream until I wake up again. It's been exhausting. And why is it that finally when morning rolls around I fall into a cozy sleep at long last only to be woken up by my alarm or family?

Best moment this week:  I think just finally feeling ready. I haven't been completely mentally ready to meet these ladies, but I think I'm finally there. We maybe have our names figured out? Maybe. 

Worst moment this week:  Well, I'm not sure. Overall, I really didn't DO that much that had a chance to go poorly. I guess if anything I've felt a little bit lonely in this pregnancy. I am physically alone at home a lot not really doing anything, and then it's just hard to explain the way this feels physically. Part of me mourns the end of our little family of 3, but I'm also excited for 5. 

Miss anything? I could go for a glass of wine. Which is weird for me. But I blame a podcast that we've been listening to. It's a podcast about a family with twins, but they also love wine so every episode they open a new bottle and talk about it. It's really annoying, but I think it's working on my subconscious. 

Movement? Baby B flipped! Which isn't particularly helpful because she's still sideways, just with her head on the opposite side of my body. But it's good to know she can move around in there because we were thinking maybe she was tangled in her cord which was keeping her in the same position. Baby A is still breech, but I'm not convinced she hasn't done a couple flips in there this week.  They're head to head in there though, which is pretty cute. Fingers crossed they both keep moving and wind up vertex/vertex!

Excited for anything? Full-term babies! 37 weeks marks full-term, so I'm really hoping that will mean that we won't need to spend time in the Special Care Nursery. 

How’s dad-to-be?  He's definitely ready for the babies to be here! People keep scheduling him for things the first few days of February. He even got summoned for jury duty on Feb. 1st which could very well be the day we come home from the hospital if we make it to the 29th. He has tried pushing it back a week, but hasn't gotten confirmation that his request was accepted yet. 

How's sister-to-be?  She has been a handful of a 2 year old this week. School has been wearing her out lately so she's been extra whiny in the evenings. But she has been talking about her sisters more and while I've been getting her ready in the morning, she's been pretending to get her baby sisters ready too. 


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