May 1, 2016

A View of April (and end of March) 2016

Since I am no longer doing a monthly post to Hazel, I'm sure you are wondering how you are going to get your Hazel picture fix... Never fear! The monthly photo posts are here!

I am beginning a new series of posts to wrap up each month with our photos that haven't already been shared in other posts (including photos of all of us, not just Hazel).

I have a little catch-up to do with the March photos that were taken after Hazel's birthday, so we have a month and a half of photos for this first installment.

{  Love her belly button!  }

{  Sometimes your head just  gets so heavy and you need a little help holding it up  }

{  Sneaky thing loves to eat dirt.  }


{  Had some splendidly sweet, rare moments of a sleeping baby on my chest lately.  }

{  Mismatch day at school  }

{  I can't get over this little lily pad toad. ha ha ha!  }

{  Blurry, but beautiful moments often are.  }

{  The rare date night!!  }

{ She's been full of mini tantrums, like when I tell her she is not allowed to play in the recycling, }

{ Baby Rubeus }

{ Professional unpacking skills }

{  I had to include this awesome woodpecker I see pretty frequently.  }

{  My little gardener  }


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