March 11, 2016


I don't always post boob selfies (actually, never have before...), but when I do, it's because they have fed another human being for nearly a full year. I am proud of that and amazed at what the body is capable of. 1 year was my goal. It has been challenging and frustrating at times, but also incredibly special and so powerful.

I chose to breastfeed my baby for her health and mine, and for our bonding. I did it for all the women who want to breastfeed but can't, for the mommas who pump around the clock, and for the women who choose to feed their babies formula instead... because we all get to choose how we use our bodies and nobody can tell us we are right or wrong.

It is such a polarizing issue, going either direction depending on the crowd you're with...

A major point of contention is nursing in public.

I wish I could be one of the mommas who can whip their boobs out anywhere and not worry about the side-long stares, but that hasn't been my story. Even after nursing for a full year, I am not comfortable doing it in public. And that's a shame. Part of the problem is internal, part of it is societal, but it is a major pain, and not fair to a hungry baby.

I have nursed in public some, mostly using a light blanket as a cover, but these days Hazel will NOT stay under a cover. That girl does not want to miss a thing. And she's so easily distracted, she'll pop off suddenly, and "hello nipple, meet the world!" I'm a little self conscious of that!

Even when she was tiny and we could nurse discreetly, it was hard to get up the gumption to actually do it! I would normally find myself leaving a store or restaurant to nurse in the car instead. OR pushing off a feeding until we can get somewhere secluded, but once again, it's not fair to a hungry baby.

I do my best to share little parts of our nursing story and I'd like to do another post soon about our whole breastfeeding journey, hoping that when we share our stories, more people will become comfortable with mother's feeding their babies in public places. And more mother's will have the comfort I long for in the public world of nursing!

Nurse on, Mommas!!

Or, you know... feed your baby however you want!!

It's what's for every meal.

5 more days to go...


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