December 7, 2015

Gracias Giving

For the past 5 years (minus the one we were in Hawaii) I've been going to Mexico with Tyler's family for Thanksgiving. At first, it seemed weird to me to leave the country to celebrate a holiday that is so American; however, it's now become a welcome tradition.

Mexico almost has a more wholesome holiday atmosphere than the states because we get away from the hustle and bustle and the blight of Thanksgiving that is Black Friday. Instead of worrying about buying more STUFF that we don't need, we spend time with family and have the time to actually be thankful for what we already have. I never participated in Black Friday even when I could, but it was still THERE and a part of the holiday and the constant advertising was the worst.
Not. a. fan.

This year, there was/is SO MUCH to be thankful for. New family, new friends, community, health, old family, and old friends... It's the people that make our lives so wonderful. Not the stuff. We are lucky to have such wonderful supporters, confidantes, and goofballs in our circle.

{  Graciasgiving as I shall now call it  }
{  Tyler's phone has a scratch over the selfie camera. Wah!  }
Hazel got to put her passport to use for the first time. Little miss international baby had many firsts. First time staying in a hotel, first time out of the country, first time seeing the ocean, first Thanksgiving. She had a great time with everything!

                          "So this is sand?...."                      

She liked the sand a lot and had fun inspecting it and letting it run through her fingers... and of course trying to put it in her mouth.                        

The ocean temperature was pretty chilly so there was no swimming for us, but she got to stick her toes in with her dad for the first time.

I thought this trip would be more difficult than our last because she is older now and more opinionated about what she is doing (and she was pretty congested), but she was a trooper pretty much the whole trip (minus a few car meltdowns and some extra mid-night wakings) even though we were way out of her normal element.

She was awake for our Thanksgiving feast and got to enjoy the festivities and her own version of dinner.

She thoroughly enjoyed her turkey puree!

One day when the tide was out and the waves were looong and shallow, we let Hazel crawl around and play in the surf... I think she liked the wet, gushy sand even better than the dry stuff.

{  no, she didn't constantly wear her hat  like Yosemite Sam... it's just the only way to see her face in any pictures.  } 
Displaying IMG_24921.jpg
Displaying IMG_24921.jpg

Displaying IMG_24921.jpg
{  They are the coolest couple of cats I know  }
{  Her first wishbone action... it shattered... what does that mean?  }


(thank becomes weird after using it too much... even though you can NEVER use it too much.)


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