July 25, 2015

4th Month in Pictures

{ The many faces of Hazel in a restaurant  }

{  First time at the pool!  }

{  "Happy Father's Day, Dad!"  }
{  It was a good mail day for Hazel  }
{  Hazel had her first fever and got sent home from daycare in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. Her fever dropped that night, but Thursday evening it spiked again, so she couldn't go back to daycare until the next Monday.  }
{  Action shot! -- Just swingin' and chewing on her elephant  }
{  Chewing on her bottom lip and holding her toes; two new things she learned to do  }

{  There's the drool!  }
{  There's some more!  }
(  First 4th of July!! - We walked up the street to see the town's fireworks, and she slept through the whole show. }

{  Twins! She got her eyes from me :D  }

{  We tested out the cow jumper, but she just wasn't quite big enough yet. Norbert wasn't sure what to make of it.  }
{  Serious cowgirl  }
{  Do you want to eat her cheeks? ...or is that just me?  }
{  Possibly one of my favorite pictures!  }

{  We have had Norbert for 26 months which mean he is about 29 months old (give or take)... maybe he'll get a 30 month post all to himself... but probably not. We love you Norbert!!! <3  }


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