June 25, 2015

First Father's Day

This is, of course, a little belated...

Sunday was Tyler and Hazel's first Father's Day... and I couldn't wait for it. Seriously, I think I was more excited for it than the two of them combined. Part of the reason I was so excited was to give Tyler his gifts. Hazel and I made him a really awesome onesie (for Hazel to wear, not Tyler) to commemorate the day, complete with her daddy's face on it. Hazel also thoughtfully made him a World's Best Dad magnet in school, which was so sweet, and she even hand painted it (her first artwork!).

{  Tyler would really like her first words to be "Yes, Daddy!"  }

Really though, it was a day to tell him what an awesome dad he is. Because he is the awesome-est of dads.

I knew he was going to be an awesome dad when we first got Norbert. I know a dog is nothing like a baby, but Norbert brought out a very fatherly, goofy side of Tyler and I knew it would only be enhanced by a real baby. He hasn't let me down.

He is an excellent caretaker and the only thing that really separates our level of care for Hazel is the fact that I have the boobies that feed her. He's the diapering expert of the family though.

I love when he gets home from work and I pass Hazel into his arms; they are both nothing but sweet smiles. He makes up the silliest songs to sing and stories to tell, and I know they are going to have so many little inside jokes together. Already, he instills good values into their "talks" and encourages her to be whatever she wants. (They have been working on her blast-off skills just in case she wants to be an astronaut.)

I love to watch him love her, and I can't imagine anyone being a better father. Happy (Belated) Father's Day to you both (again)! You two make me proud.

{  It wasn't Norbert's first Father's Day rodeo  }

And happy (belated) Father's Day to our dads (again) and their first year being grandfathers!


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