July 16, 2015

4 Months of Hazel

Dear Hazel,

I can't believe another month has already passed. You have been learning so much so quickly and of course you are still growing quicker than my heart can handle. You are now 26 inches long weighing 14.2 pounds. Everyone comments about how tall you are going to be, because you're already so long.

You are wearing 3-6 month clothing now (although we still squeeze you into some of your smaller stuff.)

You have changed a lot this past month. You literally learn things overnight. Suddenly one day you knew where your feet were and now you love to grab onto them while you're playing on the floor. You are getting better control over your hands, and you frequently try to grasp things and put them in your mouth. You have gotten much better at holding your head up while laying on your tummy, and you're rolling around a lot! At daycare they say you're a reckless roller because you roll over so quickly and sometimes hit your head on the floor in the process.

You are learning all kinds of new sounds, but our favorite is your laughter. Sometimes you sound like a little old man laughing, because you still haven't quite found your voice for it. A few nights ago, though, we took a family trip to Office Max. Your dad was pushing you around in the cart looking at things, while I was waiting in line for customer service. Suddenly, I heard this loud, high-pitched baby laugh and I had to jump out of line and track you guys down to see if it was really you laughing. Sure enough, you were just giggling away at your dad's face and I could hear it all the way across the store.

Lately, you have been in such a good mood. Everything is interesting to you and you love taking in the world and seeing new things. You are entertained by funny faces, and you really like to see your own face in the mirror. You still enjoy being outside and going for walks too.

If there's one word to summarize this month, I would say it is DROOL! You are so drooly and love to chew on your hands, our hands, teething toys, and your pacifiers. You can soak a onesie in drool in no time at all. I haven't felt any teeth poking through so I'm not sure if you are actually teething or just exploring the world with your mouth.

Your sleep schedule has stayed pretty consistent, although the past week you have been waking up an extra time or two during the night. You still sleep in the pack and play next to our bed. We moved you into your nursery for one whole night, but we missed you and brought you back to our room the next day.

I made a big change this month by leaving my full time job. I will be working part time from home now in order to spend more time with you! You will still be hanging out with Mimi and Grandpa one day a week, and still attending daycare a couple days too. You seem to like daycare and do fun things like make artwork, and you have many new friends that you'll be able to play with too (Willa, Zadie, Amelia, Harper, Anastasia -- so many cute names!). But of course I plan to relish in all the Mama-Hazel time I can. Get ready for lots of walking and library story time and whatever other fun things we can come up with to do (Mama-baby yoga?!).

You and your dad have developed a special bond. I don't think anybody can make you smile quite like he can. You are completely infatuated with him and just love to watch him do whatever it is he is doing.

Later today we are heading to Arizona and you get to take your first airplane ride. You're going to get to see a new slew of family members who have been anxiously waiting to meet you. I know they are going to love you just as much as we do.

I love everything about you. The way to stretch your arms the very second I unwrap you in the mornings. Your stern looks and crossed eyebrows. Your broad grin and little dimples. The chubbiness of your thighs, and your jiggly cheeks. Your barely-there, fluffy hair. You are better than I ever could have imagined you'd be. We're so smitten. And our fondness for you just keeps on growing.

Love, love, love

I'm going to have to do a separate post with all her 3-4 month pictures, because I need to finish packing and head to the airport! -- I also didn't proof read this so sorry for any errors! #NoTime


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