June 18, 2015

The Working Mom

I've been back at work for a little while now. At first, it was actually easier than I expected. Not the emotional leaving my child thing, but the physical act of GOING to work. Tyler took some time off from work when I went back, so the only Hazel related thing I had to really worry about in the mornings was nursing her right before I left. Now he's back at work and we are both getting ready in the mornings and I am the one who drops her off. I have to have a bag packed for Hazel, my bag full of pumping supplies, and a bag to hold my wallet, keys, etc. Not to mention Hazel and her car seat.  I'm also usually grabbing a granola bar in a last ditch effort for breakfast. Getting out the door has been tricky, and my new-mom-brain is in full force. Let's take a look at this week so far...

Monday: Hazel got to hang out with her Mimi and Gramps while we worked. They came over a little before we had to leave, and it all worked out well. Easy peasy.

Tuesday: I drive to my work parking lot before I remembered that Hazel was in the backseat and I needed to drop her off (good thing it's literally only 3 minutes away). I got to daycare and realized I forgot to pack any milk for her, so Tyler had to drop some off. At lunch, when I went out to my car to go nurse Hazel I had gotten a parking ticket because I forgot to switch my parking pass into the right car. Then on the way home from work, I made the turn into our neighborhood before realizing I forgot to turn to go get Hazel from daycare (despite the fact that I remind myself to get her AS I GOT INTO THE CAR!). Again, good thing it's only a few minutes away, because autopilot is STRONG.

Wednesday: Got the car packed and the baby in her seat ready to go almost on time. I look in my bag... no car keys. I leave the car doors open and go back in the house looking on the counters. No car keys. I go back to the car search through all three bags. No car keys. I check to see if Hazel is sitting on them in her seat. Nope. Tyler is also helping me look. No sign of them. This is the only car that has a car seat base right now. Finally, I go in the house and look in my shoe. Yes, MY SHOE! And there they were in the toe of my shoe. (You see, I have a long walk into work and I wore heels the day before. But I actually wore sandals on the walk in and out of work. So I carried my heels in one of my many bags and when I tossed the keys in the same bag they landed in the toe. I didn't notice when I took the shoes out. Thank goodness, I thought to look at them.) Ugh. I was late to work.

Thursday (today): Forgot Hazel's milk again. I need to make a "Got milk?" sign.

Friday (tomorrow): I've got this!


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