August 17, 2015

5 Months of Hazel

*** I am a day late posting this because we were having internet problems last night, and I gave up and went to bed instead. -- Also, what do you think of the new look of the blog?! I did some updating! ***

Dear Hazel,

My smart 5 month old, you are learning so quickly and your dad and I are so proud of all the milestones you accomplish. You are certainly growing and weigh approximately 15 lbs and are approximately 27 inches long.

You are still mostly in the same clothes you were wearing last month.

We talked to your doctor about starting solid foods and she suggested waiting until you are 6 months old, so you are still only eating mom milk for now. Although, last night at dinner your dad was being goofy and entertaining you with his straw... and he used it to put a little bit of water in your mouth. I think you spit most of it out though because it was so cold!

We hear you gurgling quite a bit lately, and you still talk, and squeal, and carry on quite a bit.

You are really good at rolling, but you only really like to roll to the left (your right). You will occasionally figure out how to go the other way, but you end up getting upset. This means that you roll to the left until you get stuck and can't roll anymore because you ran into the side of your crib or your play mat poles. Then you get frustrated and upset instead of just rolling the other direction. I think you'll figure it out soon though!

We watched you learn to throw recently. I have your keys tied onto your swing and you all of a sudden threw them, but since they were tied on they swung back and hit you in the head. Then a minute later you took your pacifier in your hand, studied it for a few seconds, and threw it too! You have a good arm. You threw both of them with your left hand, which makes us think maybe you'll be a leftie like your Mimi Elaine, but I think it's still a little too early to tell.

You reach for things now, like it's no big deal at all. Your coordination is getting much better.

I think you will be sitting before long. You pull your head up like you want to sit sometimes, but don't have the ab muscles to bring yourself to the sitting position. If you are in the right position, we can take our hands off of you and you will stay balanced in the sitting position for a few seconds before beginning to topple.

Lately, you have been noticing your brother Norbert more and more, and you give him a lot of smiles. You try to pet him, even though you are not good at petting. Your pets consist of grabbing a fist of hair and hanging on tight. Luckily, Norbert has been putting up with your antics.

This month has been the roughest month for sleep. I think there has only been one night that you only woke up once, but I'm really hoping we can go back to that routine. You came down with your first cold, and for a few nights you were waking up every hour or so.... it was pretty rough on your mom and dad. Since you have been rolling more, and you were already sleeping poorly, we decided to transition you out of the full swaddle. Now you sleep with your arms free, and you frequently roll yourself onto your belly to get comfy. We miss our good sleeper, and we really hope she makes an appearance again soon.

Your dad and I have had some good practice changing some giant blowouts at restaurants this month. You've had a couple timed really well... Thanks for that.

We are having so much fun being your parents, even during those poopy moments. There are so many things that we are looking forward to experiencing with you. Keep being the little light that you are!

With all my love,

{  Just chewing on my toes!  }

{  Getting her library bag ready for her first trip to the library!  }

{  Checkin' out the children's library, checkin' out books.  }
{  Not happy after getting her 4 month shots.  }

{  Playing at daycare  }

{  Trying to learn how to properly use her big baby crib... it's not going so well here.  }

{  Wearing a dress that was made by her Great Grandma Irene for her Mimi Elaine.  }

{  About to get a coconut oil hair treatment for her cradle cap  }

{  I sent Tyler a picture of this tutu as a joke while I was shopping once (when I was still pregnant), and he was like, "GET IT!!" --- So here we are...  }

{  She doesn't wear a ton of pink, but when she does... she goes all out.  }

{  Hazel the Lion-Tutu-Headed! Tell me that you don't want to blow raspberries on that belly...  }

{  Big enough for the cow jumper! Thanks, Auntie Monica!  }

{  Booger Bulb Bob and our sick little baby. It was the snottiest, drooliest day of my life.  }

{  Babywearing! Shopping really wears her out sometimes.  }

{  Instead of reaching for a booger wipe, Tyler reached for the camera. This is AFTER she was sick. So many boogers!!!  }

{  Sticking her tongue out is a new favorite  }


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  1. Tyler...she is SO gonna hate that booger picture....!
    Nice post with some great pics....and OH...really 5 months


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