May 16, 2015

2 Months of Hazel

Dear Hazelbutt,

At two months you are 12.2 lbs and 24 inches (by our approximate measurements) of pure cuteness. You have been growing before our eyes. It seems like you grow out of some of your clothes overnight, with every wake-up stretch you grow just a little bit. I've started putting some of your newborn clothes into storage as you grow out of them. You are still wearing size 0-3 months and a few things that are labeled as 3-6 but run a little small.

You are still eating about 2-3 hours every day during the day, but going much longer stretches at night. We have our breastfeeding routine down pretty well now, and when I need to I can even do things like get up and walk to another room without interrupting your feeding. That's talent! We still have yet to master nursing in public though.

You've started "talking" a lot more, and it is my favorite sound in the whole world. You are most talkative when you are laying on your playmat and looking at your black and white pictures (which you still love), but sometimes you like to talk directly to us. Other times you start babbling in the car or in your swing.

Speaking of the swing, you have definitely warmed up to it and you are content to hang out in there sometimes (generally to sleep). The bouncer has also become a place where you can be happy, especially if I have it next to the window or out in the grass so you can take in the whole wide world. You still love walks too, but now you frequently stay awake for them!

Your best new talent is your smile. You started smiling when your dad began making silly faces and sticking his tongue out at you. Now you smile at all kinds of things. You like to smile at me when you wake up in the mornings, and it is absolutely the best start to our days together! If we blow raspberries or make funny noises and funny faces you are generally pretty entertained. Sometimes you stick your tongue out too! It looks like you have two dimples on the same cheek and I love seeing them when you are happy.

You've also started making the most heartbreaking pouty face in the world (I sadly haven't been able to capture a picture of it yet... I'm probably too busy mothering and trying to make you happy...). I can already tell it's going to work well for you.

Along with the smiles have come more spit-up and drool. You are going through outfits more quickly now, and need frequent neck washings to keep you from smelling like stale milk all the time. That  neck of yours is getting very strong and you are getting much better head control and sometimes hold it up for quite a while all on your own.

I must say, you are becoming a very good sleeper (knock on wood - I really don't want to jinx it). I generally feed you for the last time and put you to bed around nine. For a while, the next time you'd wake up to eat would be around 3 or 4am, although you still wake up around then because of your tooting sometimes (which I find pretty funny), lately you haven't been waking up to eat until sometime between 5 and 6!! That's almost the whole night! And we are very thankful for that.

I am fairly obsessed with you, as I think any mother would be. I miss you when I haven't been holding you, even if I've been in the same room as you. I can't place enough kisses on your chubby little cheeks. I don't even mind the few times you've projectile vomited all your milk down my front. I didn't know your stomach could hold so much (or I guess it can't)!

You also almost got your dad pretty good. One morning, he went to change your diaper and you thought it was the perfect time for your morning poop. I was trying to sleep in, but his yells from the other room prompted me to wake and see what was going on. You were truly making a mess of things and your dad is very cautious of coming into the firing line of your naked bum now.

It is so much fun for both of us to see you interacting with us more and more everyday. You are starting to make sense of your little world, becoming more of your own little person, and we are thankful each and every day that we get to be your parents.

With all my love,

{  "It's bright out!"  }

{  She really wanted these, but we didn't get them for her... She's just trying to be a hip baby, and we're mean parents!  }
{  Spa treatment  }

{  My favorite romper  }
{  And possibly some of my favorite pictures so far  }
{  Being goofy with Dad  }

{  I snap sooo many pictures to try to capture non-blurry cute expressions  }
{  She takes some liberties with her fashion  }

{  buddies!  }

{  My little, elf baby  }
{  Mother's Day outtake - "Dad, we weren't ready!"  }
{  Her rather unenthusiastic reaction to the first time feeling the grass between her toes  }


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