November 16, 2014

Weekly Update: 24

How far along? 24 weeks.

How much weight have you gained? 13 lbs.

Any cravings? More citrus! Oranges, pomellos, drinking lemon water and lemonade. It’s so refreshing!

What are you wearing? It’s taken a turn for the cold here in the Midwest, so I’m currently in the market for a new winter coat. I’ve been wearing all my old ones, but some are just barely fitting over my belly. They won’t last much longer.

How are you feeling? Symptoms?   I’m starting to feel the dry winter air. Dry skin, dry lips, and dry nostrils. I’ve got the humidifier on full blast today. I’m also still having some round ligament pains in my belly, but still pretty normal overall.
Stretch marks? None, but I need to start putting on more lotion because of the dry air!

Belly button in or out? In.

Sleep?  Trying to sleep on my side all the time is not working out so well. I wake up flat on my back quite frequently.

Best moment this week: We got our first snow of the year… and the second! And apparently the third as it has just started snowing again as I’m writing this. And today we just might put up our twinkle lights on our trees out front! The holidays are so close!

Worst moment this week:  I’m coming up blank, but I guess that’s a good thing! Or it’s just my pregnancy brain kicking in again and conveniently forgetting the rough parts of the week.

Miss anything? Not really, I’ve been pretty content with how things have been going.

Movement? She’s still pretty active, but she gets shy around others whenever I try to let them feel. Tyler got to see her moving for the first time the other night. I’ve started seeing my belly move even when I’m not necessarily focusing on it. Just out of the corner of my eye, I’ll see her kicks.

Excited for anything? We leave for AZ/Mexico on Friday night for a week of family time and Thanksgiving.

How’s dad-to-be? He is hoping to be productive today, organizing our mess of a basement so we can move our guestroom furniture to the new basement guest room, and possibly starting to paint the ceiling in the nursery…


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