November 18, 2014

Nursery Curtains

I have previously mentioned that I am trying to pick out curtain fabric for the nursery. Currently, my vision is to paint the walls a navy blue and have a lot of other fun colors in the room as accent colors. A little pink is okay, but I am definitely trying to avoid TOO much PINK!  So I'm looking for some fun, big, colorful patterned curtains to base the rest of the color palette from. I've looked at a few stores so far and I have some options, but I'm not sure that I've found THE fabric yet.

I am also trying to avoid too much of a theme. No farm life, or monkey themed nursery here. I'd rather fill it with a multitude of things that we love that match based upon color more than theme.

So once again, here is a possible paint color for the walls:

{  Velvet Evening - Behr  }

And here are my top fabric picks so far:
WARNING: I took photos of the fabric with my phone, so the colors and quality may be slightly distorted.

Option 1: 

Colors: Grey, coral, burnt orange, navy, white, light pink, yellowish green.

I love the pattern and that it has an animal on it (how fun is the lion?!), however it didn't incorporate quite as many colors as I was hoping, and the colors it does have would be tough to match. I can imagine myself searching for something in that yellowish green color and comping up empty handed.

{  Sarah Watts - August collection  }

Option 2:

Colors: White, orange, light blue, yellow, lime green, brown, pink, coral.

I again like that this pattern has animals incorporated. Birds and flowers would be light and airy and feminine without being overly pink. I like how big and abstract the pattern is as well. I like the variety of colors and think they'd be easier to incorporate into the rest of the room. 

{  Legacy Studio Cotton Fabric-Fresh Fusion Large Spring Floral Cream  }
Option 3:

Colors: Orange, lime green, dark green, navy, light pink, magenta, lavender, yellow, white. 

I thought this was very bold and fun, but I think the orange background might be too much for me. But it's so HAPPY!

{  Keepsake Calico - Orange Gypsy Dancer Floral  }

Option 4:

Colors: Off-white, lime green, teal, orange, purple, navy.

The color scheme is not as wide in this fabric and it's not as abstract as some of the others, but it is probably the biggest pattern of the four, and I think it would be beautiful as curtains. Just not sure about curtains in our nursery.

{  Keepsake Calico - Allover Contemporary Floral  }
I think at this point my top pick is #2, but I also really like #1 and #4. Poor #3 is just a little too orange I think, and also already not available for purchase online. My luck it would be gone in store too if I were to decide on it. 

Any favorites? Or similar suggestion?

P.S. Tyler is really tired of looking at/talking about curtains...



  1. #2 is cute, I really like the birds on it, but I don't remember it from when I was there. Did you find this with me or have you done more shopping since then? I also really like #4, the colors and pattern are really fun, not to mention that the colors match pretty well with a certain quilt you just received as a gift (hint hint). As a side note, Danielle also likes #4 the best.

    P.S. Keep up with the updates, it is fun for those of us who are far away.

  2. I like them all, but option 4 is my least favorite but that seems to be a minority PoV.


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