September 27, 2012


Uhhhh... so Blogger has been a fail so far... I worked so hard to get this blog lookin' pretty and wanted to have it all set up properly before announcing it to all my friends and family. Not as easy as it sounds.

It is supposed to be at but after I set the whole thing up and got it ready to go, Blogger has this mysterious error with setting custom domain names that has taken them forever to fix!! It's been seventeen days and I have just now been able to revert back to the .blogspot address, which up until now both addresses sent you to an error message.

I am normally a huge fan of google everything, but right now I am very frustrated. Not cool Blogger! So I apologize for the delay and the fact that my url is going to change after things get straightened out, but this will work for now.

And hopefully I will follow through on getting some posts up soon!

It's officially fall, and I LOVE FALL, so you should be getting some good stuff!

Update: They've changed some of their instructions and I went through some high-tech process and now have to wait an hour to see if my domain will work. Fingers crossed!


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