September 27, 2012

Back on Mainland

A quick overview of our move to get everyone up to date:

If you remember my last Learning to Be Hawaiian post, you'll remember that moving day was pretty sad. But getting back on the mainland soil helped dissipate a lot of our blues. Seeing family and sharing our joy at being newly engaged was very cathartic.

It was almost like coming out of hermit-tude... being so isolated in Hawaii and then all of a sudden we were surrounded by family and friends 24/7. I think some of my social skills were a little rusty, and I was occasionally overwhelmed and exhausted by all all the talking I was doing, but catching up with people has been so refreshing!

We landed in Arizona and jumped into the dry heat of summer while spending a few days with the soon to be In-Laws (!) and their clan. Then we road-tripped out to Colorado to see Cara (Tyler's sister) and our friends up in Fort Collins. Both stops were SO MUCH FUN! I wish we could do it more frequently, and with  lot less ravel time! Then once again we were on the road heading to our final destination of Saint Louis, my old and future home!

It was a whirlwind of familiar faces that Tyler called our engagement tour.

Once back in Midwest territory, we stayed with my parents until we were settled and on our feet (moved in really, but Tyler doesn't like using that phrase). Tyler found a job in a week working for a title company and an HR job that I applied for while still in Hawaii came to fruition in about a month.

Then my parents moved out and we really did "move in." Our commutes are in very different directions, unfortunately, and neither of us have found a location we'd rather be. The task of making my childhood house our house has been odd, but I have such a strong attachment to it that it trumps the odd-ness. Sad fact though, I STILL haven't unpacked all my suitcases...  whoops.

We are still very much settling and getting used to this new situation and the lifestyle of having "real" jobs, but so far I've been incredibly happy with our decision. A little stressed at times (because oh my gosh, we are also trying to plan a wedding!), but mostly I feel good, and happy, and full, and now IT'S FALL, BABY! (my favorite time of the year.)


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