March 5, 2018


*** Written ~2.5 weeks after the girls were born, but posted late. ***

The girls are here!! They are precious and perfect and there are TWO of them. It's still hard to believe that there are two. Wren Betty (Baby A) and Lennox Eberly (Baby B) were born January 29, 2018. We are all healthy and getting to know one another. I will post their birth story at a later time. It was very different than my experience with Hazel, but also a mostly positive experience.

For now, we are getting acquainted with this new family of 5 dynamic. For the first 2 weeks we had my parents in town helping out, but now we are on our own, outnumbered by our children. It is different for sure. Loading and unloading the car is bonkers.

I spend most of my time feeding the babies. Nursing is a big time commitment with a singleton, and with two I feel like I constantly have a baby (or two) on my boob(s). So much so, that it hardly seems worth it to wear a shirt. Most of the time since having them, I'm just wearing a nursing bra around the house because a shirt just gets in the way.

Hazel, luckily, adores the babies. She thinks they are "sooo cute" and "so funny." She likes to look at them and touch them. All around it's been a delight to watch her with them. There hasn't been any jealousy at this point, and I really hope that it continues.

This flu season is going to make us homebodies for a while, I think. We were told it's now 2 months (up from 1 month when we had Hazel) of age, where if they come down with a fever, they get the full work-up of tests including a spinal tap. No thank you! We have become the typical new parents that have 5 bottles of hand sanitizer throughout the house, and everyone must use it upon entry.

All in all though, it's easier than I was expecting... so far. I wouldn't mind more sleep, but I am soaking up the precious newborn phase, which I love so much. Put a squishy newborn or two on my chest and I'm happy. Tired, but happy.


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