January 5, 2018

Pregnancy 2 - Weekly Update: 33

{  Trying to see my toes  }

How far along? 33 weeks (Dec 23-29th) - I'm writing this late, so I'm sure I am forgetting things. 

How much weight have you gained?  almost 40lbs
Any cravings? We ate soooo many cookies!

What are you wearing? The same things over and over pretty much. I've almost grown out of my maternity jeans, so those rarely make an appearance anymore. loose, flowy, and comfortable is the goal.  

How are you feeling? Symptoms?  Pretty good, but also uncomfortable! Just like last time, I'm getting right rib pain.  I'm also a little extra tired from all the extra excitement of Christmas, but things have been going pretty well.   

Stretch marks? It's getting hard to tell if I'm getting more or not.  

Belly button in or out? Out. Looking back on my 1st pregnancy posts, it was still a little in between. Hard to believe how different these pregnancies have been. 

Sleep? Some good, some bad. But soooo dry. We've put TWO humidifiers in our room now, which actually helps some. 1 was useless. 

Best moment this week:  Christmas! We saw family and lights, and ate good food. We had a house full of people and dogs and gift wrap. Hazel had so much fun with everyone around. She thrives when family comes around and she can show off and be the venter of attention. She loves all her new toys and books too.  

Worst moment this week:  By Hazel standards we were probably pretty awesome parents on Christmas and didn't enforce any eating requirements. By parental standards, we pretty much failed. I think she ate cookies all day, and only a few bites of peas before bed. It culminated in a vomiting kid in the middle of the night. She is such a trooper though - no crying or whining about it. We went through a lot of sheets, but she also is old enough to now puke into a bowl instead of anywhere and everywhere. Luckily, it was really just some puking. She was still happy and energetic in between bouts, so we weren't worried about a fever or flu. Just too much sugar. 

Miss anything? I miss my University winter break schedule a little bit. It''s tough going back to the real world right after Christmas.

Movement? I don't feel as much movement in general, but still plenty. 

Excited for anything? These babies' birth month is quickly approaching! We've been doing some last minute preparations, like getting our car seats checked (all is good to go) and some thrift shopping for the girls. 

How’s dad-to-be? Busy as always. Still doing tons around the house.

How's sister-to-be? Feeling much better now! She's been having a blast with her new toys. 



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