December 15, 2017

Pregnancy 2 - Weekly Update: 31

How far along? 31 weeks (Dec 9-15)

How much weight have you gained?  33 lb
Any cravings? No. But I need to be eating more greens. It has not been a very healthy week. 

How are you feeling? Symptoms?  Contractions! of the Braxton Hicks variety. I've been getting them here or there for a while, but on Tuesday I started getting them practically every time I stood up or tried to do any sort of physical activity, like put on pants. They continued through Wednesday and finally on Thursday I called the doc just to make sure they weren't anything to worry about. It was her day off, so I think her medical assistant wanted to error on the side of caution and sent us in to L&D for monitoring. All was okay except I felt like I was going to faint after being on my back while they attached the monitors. The girls' results were good and I wasn't contracting too much (which I knew would happen because they only come when I'm active, not laying uncomfortably on my side in a hospital bed). Basically, they prescribed couch potato rest for me whenever possible to keep the contractions at a minimum. We have an ultrasound next Tuesday and we should see if they've had any effect on my cervix at that point.  

Stretch marks? Still the 1 possibly...?

Belly button in or out? Out 

Sleep? Some good, some terrible. It's getting so difficult to roll over and I've been SO thirsty at night. If I'm facing the wrong way, I have to seriously contemplate whether it is worth it to roll over and drink some water. Last night though, Tyler filled up our Camelback bladder (you know the hiking ones with the tube to drink out of) and put it between our pillows, so when I was facing away from my water I had the tube to drink out of. It was great!!

Best moment this week:  Had a good weekend with Hazel and the in-laws and felt pretty good the whole time. Of course, it was nice having Tyler back home and we didn't have as many evening plans this week, so we got to hang out as a family a little more trying to relax.

Worst moment this week:  Laying on that dang table for the non-stress test. Almost every part of me hurt trying to stay still that long. 

Miss anything? Doing things! There's so much staring me in the face that I want to get done, but I am actively trying to ignore and NOT DO. I should not mop the floor, I should not assemble the stroller, I should not move the big box on the porch into the house - but I really want to. Argh! 

Movement? The hiccups are picking up pace. And yes, there's tons of other movement too. It's like my belly skin is getting thinner and thinner and I can fell more and more. 

Excited for anything? A weekend with very little planned! We have our hospital tour and maybe a Luminaria stroll (or drive - depending how I feel). But other than that it's just going to be the 3 of us hanging out trying to get some R&R. (And probably cleaning and nesting too - because we CAN'T STOP doing things no matter how hard we try.)

How’s dad-to-be? Stressed. He's got a lot going on between work and home, and more and more of the home to-dos are landing on his plate as I try to slow down and do less. 

How's sister-to-be? She's adorable, but exhausting. Pushing boundaries a little bit. But also so much fun. I've been looking back at videos of her in the last year and she has grown, matured, and changed SO MUCH in the last year. She started 2017 with her baby cheeks, baby belly, and 1 word sentences and now she is firmly looking and acting like a kid. She is so smart and conversational and I am so amazed by her. I know she's going to seem even bigger when these babies get here, but they are going to be so lucky to have her as a big sister. I'm really hoping we've been preparing her sufficiently for their arrival, but I don't really think we've done enough. 


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