November 10, 2017

Pregnancy 2 - Weekly Update: 26

How far along? 26 weeks

How much weight have you gained?  23 lbs  
Any cravings? I've been thirsty! And eating way too much sugar. Darn you, Halloween candy!

What are you wearing? I've caught glimpses of myself in the mirror a couple of times and noticed my belly hanging out!! Ooops!

How are you feeling? Symptoms? I am much more uncomfortable this week. As I was doing chores around the house, things were just harder. Bending over to grab things, picking up Hazel... lots of pregnancy groaning around here. My lower back has been very stiff as well, I've been intentionally trying to wiggle my hips when I walk because otherwise I feel like my lower back doesn't move. 

Stretch marks? No, and my skin is less itchy than it was earlier on.  Shout out to my favorite moisturizer that I used all last pregnancy, then on Hazel, and now again this pregnancy. Shea Moisture Baby Eczema Therapy

Belly button in or out? Out. and starting to flatten out a little bit... maybe. I might not have a belly button left by the end of this pregnancy.

Sleep? I wake up at least once a night. 

Best moment this week:  I got a lot accomplished. I did some sewing projects, quite a bit of cleaning and baby clothes organizing. Washed and prepped our cloth diapers and got some new smaller sized ones to add to our stash. You know I must be nesting when you hear the word "laundry" in part of an answer to the best part of my week. 

Worst moment this week: I've been a little stressed out. I feel like we still have a lot to accomplish and figure out before these babies get here and it seems like it's really coming up fast.

Miss anything?  I haven't been as strict about following the rules for food this time. If I miss something like blue cheese, I'll eat it. 

Movement? I'm really feeling them a LOT this week. Not just the big movements, but all the little ones it seems too.  

Excited for anything? Getting very excited for Thanksgiving. We are supposed to be heading to San Diego next weekend as long as health cooperates. Doc appointment on Monday to make sure all is still looking good. 

How’s dad-to-be? Reading a lot about twins. 

How's sister-to-be? She got to feel the babies move last night! She was singing, "If [you're happy and] you know it, shout hooray," very loudly and they were really moving like crazy, so I had her come over and she got a solid kick to the hand. She was very excited. I also think she's having a tough time adjusting. I've been getting out all the baby stuff that used to be hers and talking about her little sisters a lot and I think it's making her feel a little jealous/sad. Not really sure. I've gotten some good cuddles out of her though because she likes me to hold her on my lap like a baby again. 


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