April 6, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016.

I bet you didn't know you needed to see pictures of Hazel dressed up like a gnome, but I bet after you see them, you'll realize it's exactly what you needed to put a smile on your face this Wednesday evening! 

I'm a little bit behind on posting, but every chance I get I have been out working in the yard, fostering my plant family, and taking advantage of this Spring to the fullest extent. I have done SOOO much planting! I can't wait to share our big yard project soon!

This past weekend, as well as Easter weekend, we had some great weather (even if it was a little stormy occasionally). The flowers and trees have been blooming, and the first cycle of spring blooms is already coming to a close. For Easter we really enjoyed getting outside, celebrating with family, and taking lots of pictures!


 Hazel Hollyhock the Wee One (her gnome name) has a very important role in the Springtime. She monitors all the flowers and when they have bloomed long enough, she thanks them for their pretty service and helps them drop their petals. One by One. Though she is a happy gnome, she takes her work very seriously, as you will see...

I posted this next one specifically so you could admire her windblown mullet...

And I couldn't help but giggle at this one. She loves it when we smell her feet and say, "pee-yoo!"

As soon as she saw her Easter basket Sunday morning, she climbed up on the hearth and started peeking inside! Here she's showing off her Little People Unicorn!!

She also got some dress-up accessories from the Easter Bunny (via Uncle Dave and Aunt Lee Ann - thanks!) that happened to match her Easter dress perfectly! So formal!

Norbert was a little bored by the easy egg hunt since they were just spread throughout the yard (he prefers more of a challenge), but he was a good sport about it. 

She got Little People in her eggs too, and couldn't help but hug them when she got them. <3 <3


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