March 27, 2016

Hazel's 1st Birthday Party

Last weekend we threw a small birthday party for Hazel. It only consisted of us, her grandparents, and one aunt. I know she won't remember a party, and I didn't want to throw an overboard shindig, but it's a special moment for all of us, really. Marking the anniversary of parenthood and grandparenthood as well as our amazing little girl. So I definitely wanted to celebrate!

I decorated. Mostly by making picture garlands from the last year. I used Hazel's monthly nursery chair pictures as a progression garland behind her high chair. A feather garland from the dollar spot at Target, and had to throw in some festive balloons!

{  Birthday gal in her new spring dress  }

We did a smash cupcake for Hazel. I didn't want to use a sickeningly sweet recipe, because I didn't want to go too overboard with the sugar, and even I'm not a fan of overly sweet cupcakes. So I opted for a chocolate, banana muffin instead with cream cheese, peanut butter frosting {Recipes in links}. Still sweet, but not overly so. They were soo delicious!!! The muffin was a little dense for smashing, but Hazel got through it, and loved it!

She was a little timid starting out. I don't think she quite knew where to begin. "Is this really for me to eat?!" is what her look said. Soon enough she got a taste for it and loved it! She had so much fun being the center of attention and was a little, goofy ham. She would start clapping, and when she did we all did, which really made her excited. Every time we'd stop she'd get us to start clapping again. She could feel the love being surrounded by family! It was so fun to watch her have such a good time with it. It wasn't till the very end of her cupcake that she started sharing with Norbert.

My main goal was to get a family picture with both sets of grandparents, but I totally dropped the ball. Sorry Hazel, maybe next year. Luckily, her Papa K did take a group selfie while we were eating!!

She is a lucky little girl to have such doting family, who gave her so many wonderful presents!

{  #Spoiled  }
My present to her was about a year (maybe more?!?) in the making... when I was pregnant with her we took a trip to Seattle and in the gift shop of the Chihuly museum, they had a felted stuffed carrot (cuter in person than online) that I LOVED. Buuuuut I really didn't want to spend $60 on it. I decided to crochet one instead. I wanted to give it to her several occasions ago, but FINALLY was able to give it to her for her 1st B-day! (Maaaybe adding some eyeballs and more more leaves at some point.)

I think she likes it!!

After all the celebrations, she's officially a one year old, and I look at her and see this incredible toddler!


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  1. Oh my god! Her birthday party looks very adorable. You really did a fantastic work on her first birthday. I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday at home but thinking to host a grand party on her second birthday at any event venues in Chicago. Hoping, it won’t cost too much.


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