November 11, 2015

Baby Threads: Take it away, Tights!

Fall is fading fast, the leaves are pouring down off of the trees, and there's that bite in the morning air that says winter is not far off. I have been going over Hazel's wardrobe trying to prepare for the cold weather. It's tough to dress her in warm garb that is car seat friendly AND daycare friendly.

Now I have to say, I generally send her to daycare looking like she got dressed in the dark. I tend to put her in my least favorite outfits and save the cute ones for when we're going to be with her. But with winter coming I've been thinking a lot about her toes and how cold they will be if I don't come up with a solution to keep them covered (her room at daycare is always cold!).

Most shoes and socks get kicked off and even though we now have some Zutano booties that stay on MOST of the time, they still don't make it through a day of daycare. SO I've been thinking a lot about TIGHTS!! They make some really great baby tights that are thick and warm, and the feet do not come off!! ...and there are some adorable ones out there to boot! When it comes to tights, in my mind, the more pattern the better!!!

Currently she has one pair that I really like, and I am looking to get some more before the cold really hits. Her legs are long so I sometimes put the tights on under a pair of pants that I know will end up riding up and leaving her little shins exposed to the elements, but they are so darn cute that I let her wear them as pants sometimes too! I took to the interwebs to find some more tights and I started doing some hardcore window screen shopping, planning cute hypothetical outfits to go with the cute tights I found.

We in no way own all of these items, nor will we end up purchasing them, but I thought it'd be fun to show you what we like out there this season!

Cool and collected in our favorite color around here; blue. Hazel's Bammie Cindy got her the adorable grey coat and I just feel like she needs a beret to wear with it so she can look like a little French baby! She's only gotten to wear the coat once because it hasn't really been cold enough yet, but pictures to come, I promise! 

Hazel's friend, Sam, wears these booties frequently and his mom gave them a good review, so in our quest to cover Hazel's feet we decided to get a pair and we've been loving them. (We got size 18 month which was definitely the right size for her right now. Either she has large feet or they run small.)

I LOVE these tights, and it's not pictured, but I really hope there is a little animal design on the butt of these. I have not seen them in person so I don't know how think they are or whether they are really worth the $$. 

Now, we generally don't go with much pink, but I love the pink version of the animal tights, and I really like the soft pink in these pieces. They all just look so SNUGGLY!

Now that Hazel is crawling, I have been keeping my eye out for knee patch pants, and I think the hearts are sooo sweet.

We have the gold moccasins, and I love that she can wear them with almost anything. She thinks they are toys, not shoes (and I certainly don't blame her with that shiny fringe), so she does try to get them off to play with them.

Who needs pants when you've got tights?!?! I have no qualms about her wearing thick tights as pants (I like onesies over tights too), but I have a feeling when Tyler sees this he is going to object.  In order to compromise... Tunics!! They aren't dresses but they are long enough to provide some more coverage. We don't own any of this, but I feel like all of these pieces would be so versatile! Gotta love the whisker hat!!

I try not to buy many clothes for Hazel because she has a lot that have been given to her already, but sometimes it's just too hard to resist. If we end up getting any of the above, I will be sure to post some pictures!!

Check out my Kiddo Kicks board on Pinterest to see even more baby styles that I like!


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