March 8, 2015

Maternity Photos Gone Wrong

There was this one time... that we decided to take our own maternity photos... and things did not go well. 

We wanted some photos of the two of us together. Documentation. We wanted to get some pictures with the belly and the dad. But we didn't want to pay for a professional shoot, or even go through that much effort, so a few weekends ago we just decided to DIY it. 

What we got were AWKWARD photos! Ha ha! If we face the facts, most maternity photos look pretty awkward anyway, but after we looked up some pose ideas most of ours turned out next level awkward. 

{  Um, no.  }
But we did end up getting a few that weren't TOO horrible. And that's all that we need!

{  Still pretty awkward, but in a cute way, right? Whatever, I like this one.  }

{  Probably the best of the bunch  }
{  And of course we needed one with the WHOLE family! My husband is pretty cute. }
 We are still patiently waiting on this little lady's arrival! Any day now!

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