January 20, 2015

Weekly Update: Week 33

How far along? 33 weeks

How much weight have you gained? 25 lbs. 

Any cravings? Earlier in the week (aka last Wednesday I think) one of my co-workers, who is also pregnant, got some Nutty Bars. All I wanted at that time was some ice water, but later that night after dinner.... ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT WERE THOSE NUTTY BARS! So the next morning I bought a whole box. Other than that I've been eating some really yummy food this week and haven't had much additional room for cravings. 

What are you wearing? Just the usual at this point.

How are you feeling? Symptoms? I had a bout of nauseousness today, and I'm extremely tired from a busy weekend, but overall I'm still feeling good. The aches, minor pains, and annoyances are increasing, but still not much to complain about.

Stretch marks? Still holding out!

Belly button in or out? Hard to say... it depends what position I am in. Sometimes it's in, sometimes out.

Sleep? Sleeping okay.

Best moment this week: Baby shower and family! There are so many people who are so excited for us, and excited to meet this little girl. It was wonderful to see so many this weekend! I was so overwhelmed by the love and support we felt when we got married, and now it means even more to me to have that love and support applied to this addition to our family. I am so excited that our daughter is going to have such a wonderful network of people who love her and will be there for her as she comes into this world and becomes her own little person. She already has so many people behind her, and she's still a fetus! 
-- A big thank you to you all! Whether I saw you this weekend, or if you just read about her weekly womb updates, I really appreciate you! <3

Worst moment this week: I think I'm just in a constant state of being overwhelmed. I'm not letting it affect me too much, but trying to prepare for something as unpredictable as giving birth is really hard! House projects, baby gear, work planning... there's so much to do, and the countdown is on but I don't even know when the countdown is going to stop. I can't totally plan anything because I don't know what or when anything is going to happen. It will just be what it will be. 

Miss anything? I still miss hot tubs. I just want to be in a hot tub, like always. Perhaps I am trying to empathize with my babe? She's all warm, snuggly, and floaty in this womb of mine and I just want that feeling too!

Movement? She's running out of room in there. I feel her all over the place! It used to be that I would just feel something in one spot, but now it's like she's just taking over my whole torso at once. 

Excited for anything? Folding all her new baby clothes! This is probably the only time in life I'll get excited about laundry and folding clothes. I'll enjoy it while I can.

How’s dad-to-be? Despite all the desserts we've been eating, he is 26 years cavity free and hoping that his good teeth get passed on to this little one. Is that partially genetic? 


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  1. And good teeth ARE genetic, so, lucky little lady! Have you guys picked a name yet?


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