December 2, 2014

Weekly Update: 26

How far along? 26 weeks

How much weight have you gained? Well, it was Thanksgiving... so I'm up to around 16 lbs.

Any cravings? Still just more fruit! I really can't complain about healthy cravings. 

What are you wearing? Being in the warm weather most of the week allowed me to be pretty casual. Also, it was pretty fun to bikini up and let my belly soak in some sun! I think I'm going to need more maternity shirts soon though, because I just keep getting bigger and my shirts are looking shorter and shorter.

How are you feeling? Symptoms? Mostly good! I had some crazy sore muscles the past week, and I'm not sure if that was pregnancy related or not + I am still getting a very crowded organ feeling on my right side under my ribs.  

Stretch marks? Nope, but I loaded up the sunscreen on my belly this week to help prevent any sun damage. I hear sun and stretching skin do not go well together.

Belly button in or out? Still in, but I'm guessing only for a few more weeks at this rate. 

Sleep? I've been waking up quite a bit at night, but it could be due to the fact that I haven't been in my own bed most of the week. I still wake up feeling pretty rested despite the interruptions.

Best moment this week: I had a couple small pregnancy victories this week... First, strangers have started noticing my belly and feeling confident enough to say something about it. It could be that in Mexico people aren't as nervous about offending pregnant ladies as they are in the states, but I had at least four strangers ask me about it! 
Second, I got to lay on my belly for the first time in many weeks and it was glorious! We went to the beach and Tyler offered to dig me a hole for my belly. Genius! Sometimes, it's the little things that can really make you happy!
I also can't forget the wonderful Thanksgiving meal I consumed! I wish I could eat it again right now. 

Worst moment this week: Answering this question... Maybe I should take this question out of the line-up. I really don't like it much, and it's hard to come up with things without sounding super whiny. However, I will keep it, because when the time comes and I really need to vent about a no good, horrible day, this question will be here for me. 

Miss anything? Great jeans. My maternity jeans are not great. I had the urge to go buy a nice new pair of jeans, but that is something I won't do for at least a few more months until my body is my own again.

Movement? She is a stinker. She was so shy this week, until yesterday morning at work it was like she thought my uterus was one of those trampoline world places. I have a theory that I was just too well fed for most of the week and she was in a food induced stupor, then yesterday my breakfast was rather scant and she was protesting to the best of her ability. 

Excited for anything? I realized that I have forgotten a lot of nursery rhymes and lullabies. I used to LOVE nursery rhymes and can't believe I'm so bad at reciting them now. I am really excited to brush up on them. Also, I am excited to learn some new lullabies. I love music and enjoy singing in the privacy of my own home, but I don't do it enough. A baby/fetus is the perfect audience. Teach her a familiar melody now, and maybe it will be soothing later on when we're trying to comfort her in her brand new world. 

Also, I begin my third trimester tomorrow... Ah! I can't believe it is already here! Doctor appointments are bumping up to every two weeks now!

How’s dad-to-be? He's feeling tired. And he's ready to make some progress on all this baby stuff. I feel like I keep saying this over and over, but it's true. And with all of our travels, we haven't gotten very much accomplished, but now we are home; we are not getting on another airplane for the foreseeable future; and we are ready to get into nesting mode. (We hope!)


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